Good Dog Food - Pet Food Patrol Advises How to Choose It

Pet Food Patrol out of San Francisco, California has set out an advisory about how to choose good dog food.

Choosing good dog food is essential for the pet’s well-being, whether a pet owner has a pure-bred dog that is certified by the American Kennel Club or has adopted a rescue dog. It’s imperative to provide the dog with food that is good and healthy.

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The pet owner will be busy choosing a great place for the dog to lie and snooze, a dog house for inclement weather, and more. The owner will also be providing proper care and grooming. Not only that, but regular visits to the vet should also be on the agenda.

However, responsible pet owners should include food that the dog likes and must take into consideration the breed’s size, age, health issues, as well as any other factors that could account for the dog rejecting the food.

When the dog lover is deciding on good, quality food, the chosen brand’s recall history has to be taken into account. A look at the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) statement on the bag, box or can is a great sign that the food is complete and balanced nutritionally.

The FDA is also a great place to look for guidance. The FDA has a list of pet food recalls and the reasons why it was recalled.

Pet owners should also be aware of any health advantages the different dog foods can offer. Reading the list of ingredients carefully can help an owner choose the right food. Choosing a good dog food can lead to better digestion and absorption.

Said company spokesperson Rob B., “The field of high-quality, whole food for dogs that is human grade is growing. Along with the offers growing, so does the demand for it. The American Pet Products Association stated that people will have spent upwards of $38 billion on food and treats for their pets in 2020 (up nearly $2 billion from 2019). But which dog food is actually good for your dog? Our company consults veterinarians and pet nutrition experts to come up with food that is actually good for the pet.”

He continued, “As responsible pet owners, we must ensure that we’re giving our friends the best food we can give them. If they can not feed themselves, then it is our duty to ensure we know that what we’re feeding them is what’s best for them.”

As a company, Pet Food Patrol encourages responsible ownership. If a person can no longer take care of a pet, the company recommends contacting local agencies who can help the current owner find a great place for their loved one.

For more information about the company, search Google and find the social media channels the company uses. The company can also be found in Google My Business.


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