Glowing Video Testimonials Becoming Part of the High Number of Positive Kennected Reviews

Kennected is an online lead generation service that has become popular because of its impactful LinkedIn marketing services. The results this company’s LinkedIn automation, messaging & outreach tools have produced for clients leave them not only wanting to write rave Kennected reviews but many have even taken that one step further by making video testimonials. This speaks volumes of how satisfied their clients have been with the sales assistance they have gotten from Kennected’s services. As the company continues to add to its list of over 12,000 entrepreneurs that have successfully used their LinkedIn automation tool, they report that glowing reviews and video testimonials keep pouring in. This is just another feather in the cap of a company that had an extremely successful 2020 which saw them increase revenue by 3000% and achieve an unprecedented 6000% growth.

In one video testimonial, realtor Glen Cunningham says, “I started using Kennected 60 days ago. I’ve now secured two listings already, one that is under contract and 5 investors that are looking to flip homes. That doesn’t even count the hundreds of conversations that I’ve had one on one with great people that will no doubt lead to deals or referrals down the road. If you have a business that relies on sales, then you should check out Kennected. It has certainly changed my business.” In another video testimonial, chemical industry entrepreneur, Rick Green, stated, “With Kennected you’re able to go out and touch base with people based on their industry, title, area, and so much more. If you’re on LinkedIn, or even if you’re not on there yet, you need to look into Kennected. Because it will be a game-changer for your business!”

Kennected has also been proven to help just about any type of business no matter how non-mainstream that company is. An example of this comes from Facebook ads expert, Zack Hesterberg, who proclaimed in his review, one of several Kennected reviews, “When I came across the idea of using Kennected to automate my LinkedIn prospecting, it sounded like a no brainer and thought hey why not. I now have over 29 conversations started in just the last 8 days! This is ‘poppin’! Leads are leads, but what about the bottom line? I actually just closed a deal today ($1,500). We are very profitable already. I definitely give this software (Kennected) my highest recommendation. Get this software!”

Devin Johnson, the company co-founder, says, “We here at Kennected were a little hesitant at first when we approached a few of our clients about the possibility of doing video testimonials. Our staff did not want to put any of our clients on the spot by asking them to help out with this. Surprisingly, not only were these highly satisfied clients eager to help us out with video testimonials, many stated it was a great way to give back to our service for all that it has done for them. This whole experience is driving us to work even harder at satisfying our clients when it comes to their business lead generation needs.”

Johnson went on to say that their service is all about helping businesses and entrepreneurs simplify their lead flow. Their LinkedIn automated services allow their clients to establish a steady pipeline of leads that have the potential to turn into sales. He says what’s even better is they offer their services at a price point that makes for a very nice return on investment for their clients. Most of their clients who use their LinkedIn automated services will generate between 30 to 50 solid sales leads a month and spend very little time and effort doing so. The company co-founder also mentioned that they are happy to give prospective clients a free virtual consultation regarding their services and that includes a demonstration of how their LinkedIn marketing platform works.

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