Globo Surf Publishes New Video Showing Yoga Lovers 5 Best Rated Yoga Paddle Boards

San Diego, California – To help yoga lovers get out of the house and enjoy the benefits of practicing yoga in nature, Globo Surf has published a new video that shows 5 top-rated yoga paddleboards. With its new video, Globo Surf hopes to eliminate the frustration most people go through after choosing yoga paddleboards that are incapable of serving their needs.

“For the past 5 years,” said the company’s CEO, “The number of people who are adopting ‘yoga on water’ practice has been growing. Most paddleboard companies have seen this growth as an easy way to make a quick buck – to achieve this goal, the companies have been dumping a large number of substandard yoga paddleboards into the market. This has made it extremely hard for people to get high-quality yoga paddleboards.”

Best Yoga Paddle Boards

The CEO noted that most of the yoga paddleboards come with glowing descriptions that are carefully crafted to display them in the most positive light. This often drives yoga lovers – especially those who are new to practicing the hobby on the water – to invest in boards whose only benefit is looking good to the eye.

“To enjoy yoga on the water,” said the CEO, “You need a paddleboard that offers good balance, has maximum stability, and supports your weight without flinching.”

To isolate the best yoga paddleboards, Globo Surf had to test hundreds of paddleboards. “It was not easy,” said the CEO, “But, the 6 months we dedicated to the research for this video were worth it. Now, by simply watching this 10-minute video, people thinking of getting started with yoga on the water can choose tools that offer maximum performance.”

In the video, Globo Surf details all the features that make each of the 5 yoga paddleboards special. Using clear pictures that show each of the paddleboards in action, Globo Surf ensures that everyone can see the value that he/she will be getting for the money spent on the paddleboard.

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