Globo Surf Publishes New Video Showing Anglers 5 Best Rated Fishing Paddle Boards

San Diego, California – After noticing an increasing number of frustrated paddleboard buyers, Globo Surf has published a new video on the 5 best fishing paddleboards. The standout outdoor sports company hopes to help anglers avoid substandard paddleboards that are often marketed vigorously with misleading information.

“Every company wants to make a sale,” said Globo Surf’s CEO after publishing the paddleboards video, “And most of these companies – if not all – will only list the positive features of a product on marketplaces like Amazon, leaving the negatives out. This works well for the company but not for the buyer. After noticing this trend of misleading information and how badly it affected those trying to purchase paddleboards for fishing, we had to create a video showing the best fishing paddleboards.”

Best Fishing Paddle Boards

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Globo Surf reports that before creating the video, they had to send a team of researchers out to go and investigate hundreds of paddleboards that seemed to have impressed most of their buyers.

“When we went out to do the research,” said one of the researchers, “we had to check the history of the paddleboard company, check the materials it uses on the paddleboard, determine how stable and balanced the paddleboards were in the water, and more. We had to learn everything about each of the paddleboards we had preselected. It took us 6 months to narrow down the list to only 5 best paddleboards.”

Globo Surf noted that while the research process was costly, the team brought back vital information that can help new paddleboard buyers avoid choosing the wrong fishing paddleboards.

“The team determined the paddleboard’s ease of use, portability, lifespan, stability in the water, and much more,” said the company’s spokesman. “With all this information, we were able to create our new video which helps anglers take home a paddleboard that offers maximum value for their money.”

Globo Surf notes that all the fishing paddleboards on its video offer maximum stability, plenty of room for more than one person, good speed, maximum balance, compatibility with different types of fishing accessories, and fishing versatility.

The company reports that the paddleboards are compact and light to carry around. “Once you reach your fishing spot,” said the company’s spokesman, “you will find it extremely easy to inflate the paddleboards and get your fishing day started.”

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