Globo Surf Discusses 10 Top-Rated Tactical Flashlights in Brand-New Video

San Diego, California – On November 5th, 2021, Globo Surf published a new video discussing the best tactical flashlights. In the video, Globo Surf goes into deeper detail about the features that make each of the 10 flashlights stand out.

“Globo Surf wanted to publish the video earlier this year,” said the head of content creation at Globo Surf. “However, the research stage for the video took longer than anticipated. The research started last year in December and was expected to be completed between May and June. However, the tactical flashlight market is currently saturated with substandard products. The research team had to dig through all the shiny tactical flashlights – that were not actual gold – to find the few products that would stand the test of time, the test of the great outdoors during camping, and would offer buyers a good value for their money.”

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The head of content creation noted that one of the reasons more companies are getting into the tactical flashlight business is the fact that the audience for the product has been growing.

“Just a few years ago,” said the head of content creation, “tactical flashlights were only used for actual ‘tactical’ purposes – they were reserved for military and police. Today, however, tactical flashlights have found a new market in campers, dads who would like to see clearly at night when investigating sudden noises, youths who wish to have something to light their way when heading back home at night, and even people who want to see when the power goes out. When manufacturers with minimal experience try to take advantage of this growing number of buyers, more and more substandard products find their way into the market.”

Globo Surf notes that the goal of the video is to ensure that no one is depending on just the appearance of the tactical flashlight when making his or her purchase.

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“Even the companies that are producing tactical flashlights of the lowest quality are making their products attractive to the eye,” said the head of content creation. “The companies understand that few people go into details about how a product operates or how long it will last. Most people, especially those who are purchasing a product for the first time, are attracted to outward appearance. The problem, however, is that when new buyers take home a tactical flashlight because of its outer cover, they almost always end up regretting their decision.”

In the information-packed 14-minute video, Globo Surf is stripping the covers off the ten best tactical flashlights. The outdoor company is taking its audience deeper into the layers of the tactical flashlights. The video shows the grade of aluminum used when building the flashlights, the different modes available for each flashlight, whether the flashlight is water-resistant or not, how far the flashlight can illuminate, and much more.

“All the qualities discussed in the video are vital,” said Globo Surf’s head of content research. “For example, when someone is going out on a camping trip, the best tactical flashlight should be water-resistant – the camper may not know when it may rain while he/she is outside the camping tent. When going out on a hiking trip at night, the best tactical flashlight should survive falls when climbing hills and going down slopes.”

Globo Surf notes that one thing its team realized when researching the video is that the price of a tactical flashlight does not always correlate with quality. The company’s research team reportedly came across substandard tactical flashlights with an incredibly high price. Erroring on the side of affordability when creating its list, Globo Surf selected tactical flashlights that deliver maximum value for the money paid for them.

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