Globalserve Consultants Ltd Offers Corporate Banking Services In Cyprus

Globalserve Consultants, based in Cyprus, would like to reach out to companies that are looking for help with any and all matters relating to corporate banking. The firm helps clients open bank accounts in Cyprus, and their assistance extends well past this initial service. They work with international companies, individuals and more, simplifying the process of doing business for all their clients. The firm operates both in Cyprus and other countries. See more here: Corporate Banking Services Cyprus.

“In recent years, the financial system of Cyprus has introduced a lot of changes, making it easier for foreign investors to access the Cyprus market and benefit from local tax policy and other advantages offered by the Cyprus Financial system,” says Globalserve Consultants. “The Cyprus banks are experienced commercial banks which, unlike other international banks, welcome commercial banking and are efficient and experienced in the execution of commercial transactions. The most important advantage of opening a bank account in Cyprus is that the owner of the company does not need to travel to Cyprus for a personal appointment with the bank, and all documents can be submitted to the bank through our bank department. At the same time, investors can open bank account in any currency with cards and IBAN numbers without restrictions — they can enjoy high quality and fast electronic banking with 24/7 online banking services as well as SWIFT and SEPA international transfers.”

There are a number of reasons why a business might be interested in starting operations abroad, especially in Cyprus. Starting up a business fund in Cyprus offers investors access to a number of unique opportunities and advantages that other markets cannot match.

It should be noted that the past few years have seen Cyprus become one of the top fund jurisdictions in the European Union. To keep up with this development, Cypriot professionals have developed their skills in order to ensure that they are able to provide first class service to anyone looking to enter the industry. The cost of setting up and operating in Cyprus is also significantly lower, making it an excellent place to set up a fund compared to other EU countries. The island also has a modern and transparent regulatory framework that is not excessively stringent.

Globalserve Consultants also provides a full range of company formation services in Cyprus. This includes company registration, incorporation and management of international companies. Their aim is to help offshore clients set up, meet their targets and meet all their business challenges. Successful business people become successful by thinking ahead and making the best decisions based on research, experience and entrepreneurial instinct. Cyprus has become an important business centre in Europe, and doing business on the island is now a worthwhile investment. Globalserve invites offshore clients to get in touch in order to learn more about investing in Cyprus. Contact the team here: Get In Touch With Us.

Regarding Cyprus’ position as an investment destination, Globalserve says, “There are several factors that make Cyprus such an inviting proposition. For those looking to Cyprus company formation from English speaking countries, the fact that English is widely spoken — and used within legal documentation — is a distinct advantage. At the same time, Russian is also found in the professional and the retail sector as well as in the financial and tourist sector. There are also some highly lucrative tax incentives for those building their business ventures in Cyprus, not least of which is the incredibly low rate of corporation tax, the most generous level of corporation tax in all of the European Union at just 12.5% as well the tax exemptions to capital gains and dividends received. Cyprus also maintains many double tax treaties, which naturally brings even more tax benefits to businesses. Additionally, Cyprus has an excellent legal system based on the Common Law System of UK and experienced, efficient commercial banking.”

For more information on Globalserve Consultants, visit their site here: Our Firm. They are one of the top corporate banking and company formation and management firms in the country, and they are always happy to help offshore clients set up and operate in Cyprus.


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