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Global Dog Breeds would like to reach out to those who may be in search of a reliable online resource that provides information on various dog breeds from around the world. The site regularly shares tips regarding temperament, habits and how best to care for certain dogs (along with the history of the breeds and interesting facts about them). The platform serves to help aspiring dog owners pick a breed that they are likely to be able to take care of while also helping current dog owners take better care of their companions.

There are pages dedicated to each individual breed, with all types of information on their origins, information on potential health problems and other details (such as the size, lifespan and price of each individual breed). The site also offers ratings, out of five, in a number of categories that include adaptability to apartment living, whether or not the breed in question is good for first time owners, sensitivity and more.

One of the Breeds with its own page on Global Dog Breeds is the Bully Kutta, a dog born of the mixture of British Mastiff and Indian Mastiff breeds. The actual origins of the Bully Kutta are unclear, as some researchers say that they may have originated from Pakistan. However, it is clear that they originate from South Asia. Known for their aggressive and protective personalities, Bully Kuttas are considered a bad pick for first time owners and are not suitable for apartment living due to their immense size, which makes it necessary for them to have a great deal of space to move around freely. They require regular exercise as they tend to sleep through the day but are otherwise low maintenance, with their coats only shedding a moderate amount and with most being very healthy. They are difficult to train and hard for first time owners but can be trained to socialize at a young age, turning them into excellent guard dogs.

Another breed with its own page on Global Dog Breeds is the Tosa Inu. The result of centuries of breeding in an attempt to create the perfect fighting dog, the Tosa Inu is a very loyal, protective dog that, like the Bully Kutta, is not the best choice for first time owners.

“Tosa Inu dog is a fearless, peaceful and quiet natured dog, it is very loyal and devoted to its family,” says Global Dog Breeds. “This breed is not ideal for the first time dog owners and requires an authoritative master. Improper training might lead them to become aggressive to humans, pets and other animals. However, they can become the best playmates for children. Proper training can develop general etiquette and gentle behavior. They do not mix well with unknown people and take a minimum of four years to grow completely. Dogs of the same size, temperament and sex should not be kept together as they are fighting dogs and can end up fighting and injuring the other pet. They tend to do things in their way as they are very stubborn and independent-minded.”

The Gerberian Shepsky is another dog with its own page on Global Dog Breeds. It is a cross between the German Shepherd and the Siberian Husky. Known for being smart, focused, jovial and fit, the Gerberian Shepsky is considered one of the best dogs to fill the role of family pet. They are known for their broad faces and blue eyes, muscular bodies and their undying loyalty.

The Gerberian Shepsky’s Global Dog Breeds page says, “German shepherd husky mix puppies are attentive and loyal towards their masters and their families. Their protective nature comes from the genes of their German Shepherd parents. However, at times, they turn out to be over-possessive and over-protective, hence little kids should not be left alone with them. These brave and watchful working dogs do an excellent job in guarding their families. German husky pets are amicable with children and other pets. However, these dogs do not like strangers and could become suspicious in front of them. These highly energetic and smart dogs are a perfect candidate to serve the military and police forces, for herding as well as search and rescue operations, and also for watching and guarding their masters and their families.“

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