Glendora Accident Lawyer Offers Help to Auto Accident Victims

Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer Glendora, a law firm based in Glendora, CA, wants to inform the residents of Glendora and neighboring areas that they are ready to provide legal help for people who have been injured in an auto accident. Those who are interested can request for a free consultation with an auto accident attorney Glendora CA residents can depend on. People can either fill out an online form on their site or call them on the phone. All calls will be strictly confidential and free of charge. With this consultation, accident victims will know their legal rights and find out if they have a case.

Alexander D. Napolin, owner of Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer Glendora, says, “If you have been injured in a car accident or any other kind of accident, you will need to consult with an accident injury lawyer. The insurance company of the person who was responsible for the accident is not on your side. Don’t accept any advice or settlement offer from the insurance adjuster. Chances are the amount they are offering will be much lower compared to the compensation that you have a legal right to receive. This is because their only goal is to protect the insurance company and minimize their costs.”

Glendora Accident Lawyer

It is important to note that while California law allows accident victims to file a lawsuit and represent themselves, this is not advisable. Car accident cases can be complex because they don’t just involve personal injury law but also traffic laws. And finding the one who was at fault for the accident is not straightforward either. Furthermore, accident victims will be going up against the team of experienced lawyers for the insurance company. The odds are certainly stacked in favor of the insurance company because experience is on their side. It is, therefore, really necessary to get the services of a Glendora accident lawyer who has significant experience in going up against the insurance companies.

Alexander D. Napolin is a 100 percent plaintiff-side personal injury attorney. This means that he will only accept accident victims as clients and never the insurance companies. He is currently working with some of the best trial lawyers on a number of cases involving wrongful death and catastrophic personal injury. He has developed a formula for successfully fighting for the legal rights of his clients. His firm has a track record of success on literally thousands of accident injury cases, ensuring that accident victims will get the best possible help for their case.

Car accidents make up a significant percentage of the cases handled by Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer Glendora. This is because statistically speaking, most people will likely find themselves involved in one car accident at some point during their life. Getting involved in an auto accident can be a traumatic experience for the victims, which is another reason why they need the guidance of a reliable lawyer. A reliable personal injury lawyer knows how to use police reports, witness testimony, photographs, and other kinds of evidence to show who was at fault, determine exactly what laws have been violated, and establish the proper course of action to take to maximize the chances of getting the highest level of damages to compensate the client.

Since opening its doors in 2011, Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer has grown into a well-rounded law firm in California that is focused on personal injury cases. After about 10 years, the firm has developed a reputation of being a reliable law firm for personal injury victims as a result of their successes for their many clients. These successful cases were due to Alexander D. Napolin’s proven methodology and philosophy that he applies for each and every case that he handles. Currently, the law firm has already helped thousands of accident injury victims get the compensation they deserve.

Those who are looking for a Glendora personal injury lawyer can check out the Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer Glendora website, or contact them through the telephone or via email. They are open from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm, from Monday to Friday.


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