Gift Of Scent Adds New Products To Electric Wax Warmer Collection Online

The Gift of Scent, based in Pflugerville, Texas, is pleased to announce that they have added new products to their electric-based wax warmer range. According to the store, the range of wax warmers have been updated with new offers and products which would appeal to new and existing customers alike.

As their name implies, the company specializes in producing some of the best fragrances on the market accessible to the community. They do this by developing a range of innovative and elegant products, designed to suit any home or location. Since the team takes their craft very seriously, they take great measures in ensuring that customers can always buy something that fits their mood and needs. The new range of products and scents are carefully crafted to deliver the most pleasant and add suitable scents for every setting.

Some of their latest products include the Blue Mosaic Plugables® fragrance vase wax warmer, Branch ScenTrio® Warmer for use With Wax Melts or No-Melt Tarts® and the Copper Wire ScenTrio® Warmer for use With Wax Melts or No-Melt Tarts®. Some of the available scents include Apple Orchard, Brown Sugar Biscotti and Evergreen. The full range of products can be found on the company’s website.

Wax Warmers and Why Everyone Is Using No-Melt Tarts

One type of electric wax warmer the brand would also like to recommend is their wax warmers that come with timers. Wax warmers have become one of the top home accessories in the year 2020. They are usually purchased as a decorative item or to disperse a fragrance throughout one’s home. One might wonder how they care with conventional scented candles and if it is worth switching to the wax warmers. The brand is inclined to state that warmers are worth the switch due to a variety of reasons.

Wax warmers with timers are electric warmers that give the user the ability to manipulate the robustness of fragrances through multiple power and timer settings, such as the ScenTrio® Wax Tart Warmer. Therefore, this allows an individual to extend the lifespan of one’s wax melts. The device can be used with wax melts, no-melt tarts and, depending on the brand, essential oils. These wax warmers come in various shapes, sizes and designs, so purchasing a model to suit one’s home or theme is an easy task. They may also be perfect gifts for some. One may buy a tabletop warmer for an office desk, a pluggable one for the bedroom and a USB Diffuser for the car.

If one is concerned about safety, wax warmers are a much safer option as they do not require an open flame. One can safely set the wax warmer to run for 4-12 hours during the day, or continuously at night without concern. The company points out that, although wax warmers are free of fire, they still emit heat and are hot to the touch. One should avoid contact with the unit while it is plugged in. The company also recommends choosing wax melts with clean ingredients. One may refer to ingredients lists or customer reviews for any toxic ingredients that should be avoided.

The lifespan of a wax melt depends on how high the setting is and how frequently they are used. However, wax warmers perform far more efficiently than a traditional wax and wicker candles as they melt more slowly without compromising the intensity of the fragrance. The nature of the product is such that wax melts are able to emit strong scents even on low settings.

Used continuously on a low setting, wax melts can last up to two weeks. For a person who is looking for a stronger and long-lasting scent which has minimal mess, the company recommends their No-Melt Tarts, as they are wax melt alternatives that do not melt and last up to 4 times longer based on the company’s product testing.

Wax warmers are also easy to care for. They are cleaner and easier to maintain than wax candles, and due to the low temperature, one would not have to deal with sticky residue afterward. Once the scent of a wax melt has dissipated, one can simply replace it with a new one. The fact that the wax warmer is a one-time purchase and is similar in cost to an ordinary scented candle, makes it a more economical solution as well. Wax melts too are much lower in cost than a scented candle.

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