Get Any Watch Repaired Locally at This Favorite Surrey Jewelry Store

Surrey, BC - The Jewellery Clinic is ready to fix any watch available on the market at very affordable prices.

Between its two locations in North and South Surrey, The Jewellery Clinic has become synonymous with an unbeatable watch and clock repair, and the company says its staff is equipped with the expertise to repair any model of watch or clock a customer brings to the store.

Watch repair Surrey BC

“The complexity of watches, coupled with the sentimental value they almost always carry, are very interesting things for me and our team to work on, and we absolutely love the challenge of watch repair,” Guaicaipuro Rodriguez, owner of The Jewellery Clinic, says. “The more intricate the piece, the more pleasure we take from working on it and returning it in good working order to the customer. Exploring the inner workings of a watch or clock is like peering into a unique miniature world we get to explore, and then learn how to make it function like new. It is a wonderful thing to offer customers, and we plan to continue offering this service for as long as we are in business.”

Many of the thousands of customers The Jewellery Clinic sees throughout the year will all agree there are many positive attributes about the company, and its level of service is certainly at the top of the list. Each store is staffed by experienced professionals who love nothing more than to meet the unique needs of every person who comes through their door. When customers need their watches or clocks fixed, The Jewellery Clinic sees it as a special opportunity to give new life to a special piece that carries significant history and meaning to the owner.

Of course, The Jewellery Clinic offers a full suite of other services, including jewelry repair and restoration, custom jewelry creation, appraisals, and engraving services. They also offer the best prices for gold and silver in the region, and also buy diamonds, fine watches, and broken jewelry. No matter what one's needs are, The Jewellery Clinic is more than ready to get anyone taken care of, and will not stop working until expectations are met or exceeded.

About Jewelry Clinic

Composed of a highly skilled, passionate team of professional goldsmiths and jewelers, Jewelry Clinic offers more than 20 years of experience as an accredited company recognized by the Diamond Council of America. Every piece of jewelry that comes through their door (and the customer who comes with it) is given exceptional levels of personal care and attention. Jewelry Clinic’s standards of excellence have made it a namesake throughout the Surrey community and beyond for quality care, unprecedented service, and absolute passion for what they do.

Those interested in learning more about The Jewellery Clinic should visit their website at or call the North Surrey store at 604-584-1617, or the South Surrey store at 604-385-3812.


For more information about Jewellery Clinic, contact the company here:

Jewellery Clinic
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