Gerard's Tree Service Is Offering Palm Tree Trimming Services In Pine Island, Florida

Pine Island tree service company Gerard’s Tree Service is providing a range of high-quality tree care services to homeowners in Lee County, Florida.

Floridians enjoy the presence of many beautiful species of blooming palm trees all over the state. Over 20 species of palm trees can be found in the state’s different USDA growing zones and many of them are native to the region. The different species include the Everglades palm, Buccaneer palm, Miami palm, Key Thatch palm, Jamaica Thatch palm, Brittle Thatch palm, Cabbage palm, Saw palmetto, Florida Silver palm, Florida Royal palm, Florida Thatch palm, and many more.


Palm trees are easily identifiable by their long thick stems and the arching fronds that crown them. They can be as short as 20 ft (6 meters) and can even grow up to towering heights of around 100 ft (30 meters). Due to the wide variations in height and thickness and due to their almost singular constitution that consists of a thick central trunk with scarce limbs that are not strong enough to support traditional methods of scaling trees, maintaining palm trees is an involved and non-trivial task that requires experienced personnel with the proper tools and safety equipment. It is a dangerous task to undertake and should not be attempted by amateurs and novices.

Thankfully for homeowners and commercial property owners in Pine Island, Florida, who have these eye-catching and interesting trees on their premises and need help with their upkeep, Gerard’s Tree Service is equipped with both the professional expertise and equipment needed to make short work of the most challenging palm tree care jobs. The company is fully licensed, certified, and insured giving customers peace of mind that they are getting the best tree care service for their money. The company which has decades of field experience even offers emergency tree care services for clients who are facing unexpected and immediate problems with the flora on their property.

Palm tree trimming not only eliminates fire hazards from dried-off fronds but also promotes a healthier tree. Special care has to be taken to get rid of the rough skin that is left behind from years of trimming without damaging the soft inner part of the trunk that is thriving. Pruning will remove all diseased, damaged, or dead fronds which will allow the palm tree to regrow healthy and beautiful new fronds. A deft hand is required to remove the palm’s twigs while leaving enough of the sapwood to allow the palm tree to be able to regenerate.

A spokesperson for the company talks about its tree care services by saying, “Hurricane Charley decimated parts of the island when it hit in 2004. There is no guarantee that such a devastating weather event won’t occur again. It is recommended to remain ready and expect strong hurricane winds to show up on the island’s doorstep at a moment’s notice. This involves making sure the trees on your property are healthy and are regularly maintained to reduce the risk of damaged limbs shearing off in the winds and damaging property or, in tragic cases, causing bodily harm to those that live on the property. It is an essential form of home maintenance and Gerard’s Tree Service makes it as easy as picking up the phone and making a call. We will arrive at your property and give you a detailed verbal report of the problems that you are likely to face after a thorough inspection. We will suggest the best possible course of action and give you a fair quote for our services. We are confident that you won’t need to worry about the gorgeous palm trees on your property becoming a risk after we are done working our magic on them.”

Gerard’s Tree Service is located in St. James City, FL and it serves all of Lee County. The Pine Island tree service company can be contacted at the phone number (239) 633-3976 or at the email address 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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