Georgia Law Firm Blog Lists Advantages Of Hiring A Personal Injury Attorney After A Truck Accident

The Angell Law Firm, based in Atlanta, GA, has published its latest article on an experienced attorney’s role after a truck accident.

A truck accident's devastation can be massive since a truck is a heavy vehicle weighing more than 80,000 pounds with cargo. Sadly, when a car or motorcycle is involved in an accident with a truck, they face a tremendous risk to their property and lives.

Atlanta Truck Accident Lawyer

A truck accident can cause more fatalities and severe injuries, not to mention the devastation to the vehicle involved. The article delves deeper into the details of a truck accident and how it can ruin the victim’s life and property.

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A truck accident can get the victim a higher compensation claim than a car accident. The article emphasizes the need to speak to a truck accident attorney after an accident with a commercial truck. The injured must immediately receive medical attention and call the police. They must seek legal help.

The reason is that this helps in the collection of evidence, from doing the first-hand investigation at the accident site to taking photos and documenting the weather and road conditions.

A personal injury attorney is an ideal person for the job.

There are several technicalities in a truck accident lawsuit. For example, if the truck’s brakes cause the accident, the fault does not lie with the driver. However, the mechanic could be the negligent party for failing to fulfill their duty of inspecting the brakes.

In some cases, the article states the blame could lie with the trucking company for its failure to take preventative action and having the truck inspected. Several parties could be held responsible for the accident due to negligence.

The article emphasizes the need for a personal injury lawyer to send a preservation letter to the trucking company, asking it to retain records of the negligent driver and vehicle involved in the accident.

An experienced Atlanta truck accident lawyer will do everything to investigate the case, helping the victim get compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, financial losses, and lost wages.

The blog post highlights the need for a truck accident attorney to represent the victim vociferously as involved parties always dispute their role in the accident. Not hiring a lawyer could add to victims’ pain and suffering, making it hard to prove their case against the trucking insurance company.

The role of an accident reconstructionist cannot be taken for granted in a truck accident lawsuit. A reconstructionist is responsible for visiting the accident scene and collecting first-hand evidence, including accident site pictures, skid marks, and downloading black box data. Based on this data, they write a detailed report about what happened when the accident took place. This report is crucial when it comes to finding fault in the accident and proving damages.

The article also stresses a doctor’s role to testify the victim’s injuries and that of a vocational economist to testify regarding a potential loss of earning capacity.

A personal injury attorney can do more to help the victim get compensation for their physical, emotional, and financial losses. The Angell Law Firm believes that hiring an attorney could change the course of a truck accident case in favor of the victim and get the compensation the victim deserves.

With a personal injury lawyer by the victim’s side, the other party must pay for punitive damages, emotional loss, physical injury, and financial expenses borne by the victim due to the accident. The best truck accident attorney knows how to help victims get a full financial recovery for their losses.

The Angell Law Firm prides itself on its highly experienced team of lawyers committed to helping victims of truck accidents recover compensation.

A truck accident can be a traumatic experience for the victim and their family. The trauma does not end here. The insurance company of the truck owners can further make it challenging to get the compensation one deserves.

Luckily, the best truck accident attorneys can help you fight for one's rights.

The Angell Law Firm can take off the burden of fighting a truck accident compensation claim singlehandedly from your shoulders so you can focus on recovery.

If one is ready to take action against the faulting driver or trucking company, speak with the Angell Law Firm today.

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