Genesis Tree Service Publishes Blog About Why Tree Trimming Should Be Performed By Arborists

Genesis Tree Service has just posted a new blog on its website that talks about why tree trimming and pruning is best left to professionals. This a company that posts many informational blogs on its website. Some of them give helpful DIY tree care tips while others, such as this one, discuss tree services that are best left to professionals. It’s all part of keeping their Virginia customers better informed about the essential tree services that they will periodically require to be done.

This new Genesis Tree Service blog started by saying that trees are an integral part of any landscape but they have to be kept up for them to be healthy and look good. That is where tree trimming and pruning comes into play. It states that a properly trimmed and pruned tree will allow essential moisture, sunlight & air to get to the interior of a tree to keep it healthy, get rid of dead & diseased branches, and shape the tree in a way that optimizes its looks. The blog also added that this goes well-beyond just cutting a few branches off here and there and takes the type of know-how that trained tree professionals have to do it safely and do it right. It was also mentioned that no type of tree trimming and pruning should ever be done without a plan and it takes experience to know such things as when is the best time of year to trim a tree and exactly how many branches can be removed without doing permanent damage to a tree. In the newly posted Genesis Tree Service blog article, it was also mentioned that trees are best trimmed during their dormant growth months because this is a time when a tree has the least foliage and an arborist can best see a tree’s entire branch structure. A tree’s dormant period is also a time that lessens the chances of insect infestation and disease occurring in freshly trimmed and pruned areas. The new blog also emphasized that trimming and pruning larger branches can also be dangerous and trained tree professionals have the knowledge and equipment to do it safely.

Why You Should Hire Professional Tree Trimming Services published by Genesis Tree Service

Those who would like to read this recent blog post from the company in its entirety can read the article here at their website under the Tree Trimming & Pruning drop-down menu selection. This webpage also has a form that a customer can fill out to get a quote on any of the tree trimming & pruning tasks that Genesis Tree Service offers.

Pedro Velasquez, Genesis Tree Service’s owner, says, “It’s no secret that if you have trees in your yard that at some point you will have to trim them. This not only helps your trees look better but also keeps them and the other plants and grasses that are around them in a much healthier condition. It’s something that also has to be done right and the best way to do that is to hire trained professionals like us that have the knowledge and specialized equipment required to do the job. I took the time to write this new blog because I wanted my customers to see exactly why I feel so strongly that tree trimming & pruning is best left to trained tree professionals.”

Besides Tree Trimming & Pruning, Velasquez mentioned that his company offers a variety of other essential tree services too. This includes tree & stump removal which are dangerous jobs that also should only be undertaken by skilled tree professionals. He went on to add that other services they offer are storm cleanup, land & lot clearing, and tree inspections. Genesis Tree Service is also available 24/7, 365 to handle any emergency tree service needs that their customers may have unexpectedly come their way. Some of the Virginia areas that this company has been providing top-notch tree services to since 2007 include Ashburn, Burke, Centreville, Culpeper, Fairfax, Gainesville, Leesburg, Manassas, Reston, Round Hill, Warrenton, and Woodbridge. If someone is interested in the tree care tasks that Genesis Tree Service provides but are not sure if they are in the company’s service area, Velasquez welcomes them to give him a call. He added that many times they will accommodate anyone wishing to take advantage of their expert tree services as long as the drive is within reason.


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