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Genesis Tree Service Manassas, a tree service based in Manassas, VA, has recently published a blog post that explains how to take down a Douglas fir tree using a speed line. The Manassas tree service wants to point out that speed line tree removal is the most widely used technique for lifting and removing trees safely. They also want to emphasize that it is a good idea to get the professional services of an arborist tree care company will work with the homeowner or property owner in determining the best thing to do for a particular situation.

Pedro Velasquez, owner of Genesis Tree Service Manassas, says, “We need trees, but sometimes we need our trees removed. As much as we love our landscapes of trees, we have to cut down any tree that no longer provides the shade we need or has otherwise become a hazard to our lives and properties. That’s when we need to seek the advice of tree removal experts to see that our trees are removed safely. We can provide such advice.”

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Improper tree removal can leave root structures and these can become issues later on. If the tree removal is not done properly, the tree can even topple over in the wrong direction and possibly cause damage to property or even cause injury or death. That is why it is essential to hire a professional arborist who is an expert and experienced in tree removal.

In the speed line removal method, the speed line is based on an anchor point that is near the trunk of the tree. Next, the tree limbs are removed one by one in a particular order to ensure that they are trimmed by the speed line with only minimal damage to the tree. However, they also want to point out that the process of taking down a tree will be different each time, depending on the specific tree and its situation.

One of the most common situations where tree removal is needed is when a tree has become too large for the property. While it may initially have been planted quite a distance from the home or driveway, several years of growth could have brought the tree, particularly its branches uncomfortable close to the home, garage, or even electric power lines. Or the tree roots may have found their way under the home and have now affected the home’s foundations. This may cause the floors to shift, with the result that the home becomes unlivable.

Another situation where tree removal is required is when a tree is dead or dying. Such trees are weak and may also endanger the health of the people living in the property. The tree branches and even the tree itself may fall down any time, posing a risk to children playing in the yard and even adults. A falling tree branch or a tree that topples down can also cause damage to property, such as the home or the garage. Such trees need to be removed before they fall down either due to gravity or a strong wind.

And even if a tree is healthy, it may need to be removed if the space it is occupying is needed for home expansion or the construction of a new building, such as a detached garage. If there are several trees in that particular area, a tree expert can help the homeowner or property owner decide which trees to remove and which trees can safely remain.

Meanwhile, there may be situations where tree trimming may suffice instead of removing the whole tree. If they are healthy and in no danger of falling down, trimming can be done instead. For instance, if the tree has become overgrown such that its branches are too close to the property or to electric lines, tree trimming can be provided by Genesis Tree Service Manassas.

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