Genesis Tree Service Manassas Provides Tree Care During Winter

Manassas, VA based Genesis Tree Service is pleased to share that their team is ready to attend to all properties in Manassas and the surrounding areas. The company reassures their community that the winter season does not typically offer additional challenges where tree care is concerned, but they should still be aware of certain points in order to preserve their trees’ health during this time of year.

Genesis Tree Service Manassas explains that, as with most situations, a proactive approach is better than a reactive one, so the best course of action is always to inspect a property’s trees prior to winter’s arrival. Northern Virginia in particular is known for its snowy winters, so making sure a tree is set before the cold sets in can be both more convenient and cost-effective in the long-term.

Tree removal job completed by Genesis Tree Service Manassas

Winter tree care is not difficult, so a few precautions can go a long way. The company adds here that it may not be necessary for a homeowner to call a professional service for the inspection itself, but they absolutely should be called in the event any damage or similar issue is noticed. The team of arborists at Genesis Tree Service are always ready to respond to a call, and they urge their community not to hesitate to get in touch if their trees are in trouble. No matter the issue at hand, the company is willing to provide their expert assistance.

This time of year is also great for certain tree services to be undertaken, such as tree trimming. The company states that the months between November and March are ideal for tree trimming because this is when trees are dormant, so their customers have the opportunity to have their trees inspected as well as trimmed (if necessary) when they call a tree care professional. The fact that most vegetation is minimally present in winter also means that tree specialists can examine a tree’s trunk and branches with an unimpeded view. Depending on the needs of the tree in question, Genesis Tree Service will carry out crown cleaning, tree thinning, crown raising or crown reduction, which trim the tree in specific ways in order to preserve its health and longevity as well as reduce any risk of harm to surrounding residents and property.

The company further advises their community to stay on the lookout for heavy snowfall and so on. An abundance of wet snow and ice can place a massive strain on branches, they explain, and certain types of trees may be more vulnerable to sudden breaks (such as evergreens). Genesis Tree Service suggests that homeowners carefully shift off this snow wherever possible following extensive snowfall. However, they also strongly caution their community against climbing the tree in question or using a ladder to get to any branches that are out of reach. This is dangerous, and should not be done by a non-professional. If a tree’s branches prove to be too high to clear, homeowners are advised to contact Genesis Tree Service. Their team will be able to clear the snow using the appropriate safety equipment.

Unfortunately, there may come a time when a tree needs to be removed in its entirety. Should a storm damage a tree beyond recovery, for instance, it can easily become a danger to everyone and everything around it. Falling branches may strike an unsuspecting passerby, and the weight of a fully grown tree trunk must not be underestimated. Following a storm or any incident that may affect the stability of a tree, the company strongly encourages their community to inform their team. Genesis Tree Service will immediately set out to determine whether the tree poses any risk, and should this be the case, they will remove it in as safely and expediently a manner as possible.

Genesis Tree Service provides a variety of tree care services that their community may take advantage of at any time. In addition to tree trimming, tree pruning and tree removal, the company is also able to plant or relocate trees as their customer requires. Customers are invited to contact Pedro Velasquez of Genesis Tree Service Manassas to inquire further about their availability, service coverage and more. They may also learn more about the company at the following link:


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