Generations Church in Franklin, TN, Invites Local Families to Bond and Find the Joy of Community

Franklin, Tennessee -

Generations Church, a non-denominational family church in Franklin, Tennessee, is inviting families in the city to visit and make 2023 the year of rediscovering the value of faith and community.

Generations Church was planted in 1999 with a home Bible study and then publicly launched in January 2000. Initially, it was founded under the name of Father’s House Covenant Church to capture the idea of gathering together in the house of God, the Father, to celebrate His promises. From the start, the goal of Generations Church has been to create a comfortable atmosphere of deep human connection. In 2010, Pastor Kraig Wall led the initiative to change its name to “Generations Church” to capture their vision of reaching generation after generation with a bible-based biblical worldview.

Since its rechristening, Generations Church has helped launch Generations Learning Center Daycare, for ages 1 through 4, which then expanded into Generations Christian Academy, a K-12 education center. The church also focuses on generation building through midweek small group meetings, kids’ clubs, family nights, and men’s and women’s bible studies. At these events, families get to know each other better, grow in their faith with Bible study, and become more equipped.

Pastor Wall is determined to raise the next generation of leaders, and the discipleship program is geared toward helping people become leaders in their homes, communities, and church. People are trained to lead small groups and minister to one another. The goal is to capture the heart of the scriptures in the book of Acts to rebuild, restore, and bring people to a place where they can experience and encounter the Lord.

Pastor Wall talks about the purpose that drives his work at Generations Church by saying, “That’s the lie that the enemy wants to put out there, that we don’t need God. God says that ‘you are fearfully and wonderfully made,’ and your purpose can only be found in God. By providing a way for people to connect with the local ministry, people can connect with each other and with the mission God has for them."

Generations Church believes that, in 2023, it has the heart to be an intimate gathering place in the center of Franklin. Pastors Kraig and LaSandra Wall want Generations Church to be a place for people to connect authentically in a world of loneliness. They aim to create a community of deep relationships where people can walk together toward God. As the community in and around Franklin grows, Generations Church claims it is excited to help newcomers find a refreshing, deep community of love and connection.

On its Google profile, several Franklin residents have shared the powerful experiences they have had at Generations Church. Churchgoers also talk about how it has helped them reconnect with neighbors, friends, and family and instilled hope in their lives in their darkest times.

One Google Local Guide talks about how the church made him feel a sense of belonging after moving to Franklin from out of state. He says, “Grateful for our church! Having relocated from California to Tennessee, we were eager to find a great church for our family. Generations Church quickly became a safe place to feel known and welcomed. Our son loves his Sunday morning preschool class, the pastors are true friends of God, and we've been strengthened in our faith. Thank you, GC family!”

Another Franklin resident talks about the contribution that the pastors make at Generations Church by saying, “Generations Church passionately loves God and loves & serves families well. The church community is warm and inviting. Pastors Kraig & LaSandra Wall share valuable biblical teaching and the worship team is awesome! I am thankful to be a part of our church family!”

Readers can visit Generations Church at 408 Church St., Franklin, TN 37064, or contact Pastor Wall at (615) 599-1580. Pastor Wall also urges families in Franklin to follow the church’s social media to keep up with its news and announcements.


For more information about Generations Church, contact the company here:

Generations Church
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