Garden Guard Announces the Release of the Newest Version of Their Popular Bird Netting

Garden Guard is pleased to announce that the latest release of their top-selling bird netting product is now available online. They say it was designed to keep birds and small mammals from wreaking havoc on the gardens of individuals that like to grow their own fruit and vegetables. This product has even experienced success repelling larger animals such as deer, raccoons, and squirrels. The company claims that the newest version of this blueberry and other bush protective netting has made an already good product that much better.

The company spokesperson, Talkum Rhodes, says, “Our bird netting products have always sold very well online over the years but that has not stopped us from listening to the many opinions our customers had on this product. Because of this valued input, we have made some slight adjustments in the way that we put together our bird netting. These changes are reflected in this latest release of our bird netting for garden protection. So far our customers seem very pleased with the new version of this product.”

According to Rhodes, this improved garden net has many features that allow it to successfully keep birds and other animals away from gardens. Among the most important of which is the ‘soft stretch technology’ that’s built into its fabric. This allows it to gently stretch and cover all sorts of garden plants without damaging them. She added that since they are an environmentally-friendly company, the softer netting material is also made to deter but not harm birds and other wildlife that come into contact with it. The ability of its heavy-duty fabric to both stretch and cover is virtually unmatched by other bird netting products.

The company spokesperson stated that other highlights of the product include its generous 7x70 ft size. That makes it ideal to use multiple net sections to cover even larger size fruit and vegetable gardens. Because of its size and durability, she jokingly referred to their latest garden net release as a “bird net on steroids”. The company was also careful not to make the openings in the netting so small that important pollinators couldn’t get past it to perform their plant magic. This bird netting is tough enough so it can withstand being cut to fit, comes with a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee, and includes a set of strawberry vine stakes to help pin it to the ground.

Rhodes also went on to say that in the short time this product has been available it has sold well. A good example of this is on Amazon where customers have already left over 100 reviews on this newly released bird netting product. Verified purchaser, Morgan, says in her 5-star review, “This garden netting saved my garden! The birds were absolutely running through my blueberries last year, so I went to a couple of stores and didn't really see what I was looking for. I then went online to Amazon and saw this garden netting among others. This netting just looked better than the rest, so I gave it a shot and it turns out it works really well. I've been using it for a while now. I definitely recommend it for your garden.”

Another verified purchase, Charles Harris, stated, “BEST YET!! This bird netting is pretty strong, stretches nice and I can cut it to space it where I need to put it. The garden netting I was using was wearing out rather quickly, so I trashed it and bought this kind. Overall, I like the netting and will probably buy some more next year.” Other satisfied Amazon customers have even gotten creative when it comes to finding other uses for Garden Guard’s bird netting. Arthur Glauberman writes, “It makes a great fence that’s inexpensive and durable. While some people might buy your netting to protect fruit and vegetables from Birds, we used your netting as a fence around our garden. It’s light but very durable and much easier to use when creating a fence to keep out rabbits and other animals.”

The company spokesperson added that those who would like more information on their bird netting for garden protection can find detailed information about this product on its Amazon listing.


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