Gahanna Options Medical Weight Loss Gets a New Website

Options Medical Weight Loss, a medical weight loss clinic in Gahanna, Illinois, has revealed that they have recently made live their brand-new website. They want to point out that the reason for getting a new website is to make it easier for people in Gahanna and surrounding areas, such as Columbus, New Albany, Huber Ridge, Minerva Park, Reynoldsburg, Westerville, Bexley, Whitehall, and Blacklick, to find a weight loss program that is not just effective but also safe. The new website has also been ensured to be more user friendly, easier to navigate, and mobile friendly.

Options Medical Weight Loss provides medically supervised weight loss programs in Gahanna and neighboring areas. Their Gahanna weight loss clinic is found in E. Johnstown Road to conveniently offer a medically supervised and personalized weight loss program to the residents of the city and surrounding areas. And no matter what kind of weight loss diet plan that the patient will choose, an in-house counselor will be provided to the patient to offer some help in making the final decision to make sure that the program is really suitable to the kind of lifestyle that the patient wants to pursue.

These weight loss programs are based on a certain adaptation of the ketogenic diet and the hCG diet. Some medications and appetite suppressants may be prescribed by the doctor to make it easier for the patient to attain the target weight. Examples of these medications and appetite suppressants are: diethylpropion; phentermine for weight loss; phendimetrazine; B12 injections; hCG injections to pair with the hCG diet; and lipotropic fat burning injections.

Their proprietary Options Diet System has four different phases. In the first phase, the patient is introduced to a modified ketogenic diet. The principle of this diet where carbohydrates are avoided and the focus is on proteins, is that the body is allowed to get into a state of ketosis, where the amount carbohydrates would not be sufficient to fuel the body’s energy needs. To remedy the situation, the body will burn stored fat and this results into fat reduction and weight loss.

In the second phase, glycemic foods are reintroduced into the diet while strictly regulating the amount of fat that is consumed. Here, the body is allowed to get used to regular amounts of healthy foods. In the third phase, healthier carbohydrates are reintroduced into the diet but the weight loss counselor will carefully monitor body weight.

During the initial phase, if the body weight has been observed to plateau, the weight loss doctor will then help in the gradual introduction of some carbohydrates into the diet during the third phase. The weight loss counselor will be watching every step of the way to ensure that the weight loss target will be reached. And in the fourth phase, the patient will have the task of keeping the weight steady by ensuring that the lost weight will not return.

Meanwhile, the prescription program is available where weight loss medications and FDA-approved appetite suppressants may be suggested by the medical weight loss doctor to help achieve the weight target. The patient may choose the prescription program or he or she may want to avoid taking any prescribed drugs and opt for the non-prescription program.

Meanwhile, it should be noted that the overall rating of Options Medical Weight Loss in both Yelp and Google is a perfect five stars. For example, Maria S. on Google, gave them five stars and said, “Everyone is extremely friendly and encouraging! My counselor is super knowledgeable and continuously motivates me to achieve my goal. I am a little more than halfway through the program and very pleased with my results!”

Jessica S., also on Google, gave them five stars and said, “I've had a great experience with this clinic. They have helped me to not only lose weight but make changes to my daily eating habits that will stick with me long after I am finished with the program at the clinic. Would highly recommend.”

Those who are interested in getting more details about the weight loss programs or want a free consultation may want to visit the Options Medical Weight Loss – Gahanna website, or contact them through the phone, or via email.


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