Futures Recovery Healthcare Offers Luxury Rehab Facilities

Futures Recovery Healthcare, a behavioral health provider based in Tequesta, Florida, is pleased to announce that they offer luxury mental health and rehabilitation services. Their Palm Beach luxury rehabs and other all-inclusive facilities have been effective in treating people with addiction problems.

As noted on their website, Futures Recovery Healthcare is concerned that some Americans are not aware of the effects of their mental disorders. For instance, those who habitually consume drugs and alcohol do not know that they are prone to irregular inhalation and brain damage. Much worse, they are often unable to vent their anger and stress without hurting others. In fact, the National Institute of Mental Health reports that about 20% of Americans annually suffer from the impacts of such conditions.

Instead of stigmatizing people suffering from addiction, Futures Recovery Healthcare believes in the importance of helping them manage their disorders. The healthcare provider believes that they should be given scientifically-proven treatment and be approached with empathy and understanding so that they are motivated to participate in their programs and eventually heal.

As such, Futures Recovery Healthcare promises to help their patients cope through their rehabilitation centers. Rehab centers are specifically designed for the treatment of people with substance use disorders, and residents are given the resources they need to achieve sobriety. However, once they leave their rehab center, they should learn the art of moderation in order to control their addictive impulses.

Residents may choose from two kinds of rehab centers: in-patient and out-patient. For the former, they are required to stay on-site continuously, coordinate with their doctors and accept the services offered. Meanwhile, for the latter, they have the leeway to decide when they want to come in for treatment. Nevertheless, they have to comply with the date and time their provider recommends so that they can receive treatment in a regular manner.

Futures Recovery Healthcare has launched another kind of rehab center, luxury rehabs, and they have discussed the top five reasons to choose a luxury rehab on their official website. First and foremost, these facilities have high-quality amenities such as comfortable beds, wide bathrooms and savory food. There are also on-site pools, spas and entertainment centers around the facility. In addition, patients have the luxury of taking in pristine beaches and marvelous sunsets.

Last but not the least, Futures Recovery Healthcare’s luxury rehabs have experienced medical staff on hand who are ready to assist their patients every day. They are capable of administering drug and alcohol detox medication, physical therapy and so on in order to relieve their patients’ pain. In addition, they take steps to raise awareness of the risks of addiction and the ways to avoid it in the future among their patients.

In spite of the benefits of Futures Recovery Healthcare’s luxury rehabs, the company reminds the public to consider some other factors in availing such services. For instance, the patient should reside in Tequesta or any town near Palm Beach county. They should also go to the actual facility first and check if all of the services present are sufficient for their needs. Moreover, they should be able to assess if they can recover from substance abuse after their stay.

In addition, patients should take the high price of luxury rehabs into consideration. Due to the superior quality of the amenities and expertise of the medical staff, it is expected that they will be able to cover all the expenses. Furthermore, they should determine their method of payment—full or through installments—before they begin attending.

Since their founding, Futures Recovery Healthcare has done their utmost to deliver high-quality services to their patients. Their medical team is led by Gloria Dunkin, who graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in Psychiatry. She is also a member of the American Society of Addiction Medicine.

Thanks to her exceptional record, the company has procured licensure from The Joint Commission, the US’ biggest organization for accrediting health care companies. They have also received numerous forms of positive feedback for successfully treating drug and alcohol addicts. Furthermore, they have helped thousands of Americans suffering from depression, personality disorders and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).


Those who need immediate treatment for addiction and other mental health conditions may contact Futures Recovery Healthcare via their official website to get started. Alternatively, interested parties may connect with Futures Recovery Healthcare via social media to stay up to date with their news and announcements.


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