Futures Recovery Healthcare Explains What to Look for in Treatment Programs Offered in Alcohol Rehab Centers

Futures Recovery Healthcare, which is based in Tequesta, FL, has recently published a blog post that explains what to look for in treatment programs offered in alcohol rehab centers. These rehab centers offer treatment for alcohol use disorder (AUD), which has been observed to have affect thousands upon thousands of people all over the world. Those who are struggling with AUD, or have loved ones who have it, need to find an alcohol treatment center that can help them. The professionals at Futures Recovery Healthcare know how important it is to search for a treatment center and they are ready to offer their help.

To be able to make the proper choice among the wide range of choices, it is essential to first take an honest look at how a particular person has been drinking and look for signs of a potential AUD. Early signs include: drinking more or longer than intended; putting oneself in dangerous situations when drinking; experiencing tolerance or the need to drink more to achieve the same feeling; trying to cut down or stop drinking unsuccessfully; giving up hobbies or activities to drink; continuing to drink despite resulting problems with family, friends, co-workers, etc.; continuing to drink despite health, both physical and emotional, consequences; experiencing withdrawal symptoms when not able to drink; incurring legal issues associated with drinking.

An inpatient alcohol rehab center is where people with severe alcohol addiction/ substance abuse, pre-existing medical conditions, a dual diagnosis, including those who have relapsed can find a treatment program that they need. Rehab programs offer people who are recovering from an addiction a structured and stable environment where there are no triggers and temptations. Around the clock support and medical care is also provided to help those who are struggling to recover from their addiction.

Inpatient treatment programs offer a number of services such as various kinds of therapies, evidence-based treatment programs, medically assisted detoxification programs, and individual and group counseling. Provided is an effective treatment plan for long-term recovery from alcohol addiction. It is also advisable to take a look at the types of treatment and services that are being offered.

For instance, Futures Recovery Healthcare offers experiential therapy, which is a kind of therapeutic treatment that is a bit different from the conventional cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy. Experiential therapy is “hands on” therapy where patients are usually more engaged and actively participating in the therapy, which may involve: animal care and interaction; art therapy; music therapy; guided imagery; action-based activities; psychodrama; and outdoor activities. Experiential therapy is suitable for certain individuals, such as those with particular traumas and have a lot of difficulty in opening up and talking in conventional therapies.

Futures Recovery Healthcare considers behavioral and co-occurring physical conditions as chronic medical issues that require integrated and comprehensive care and a lifetime of self-management. The system of care that they provide has been designed to provide adult patients a solid foundation in the tools and recovery that will help them maintain recovery and their physical and mental well-being.

While most people looking for an alcohol rehab center would want to have residential or inpatient care, there are some individuals who can’t go into residential care for some reason. To serve these people’s needs, alcohol rehab centers may also offer partial hospitalization or intensive outpatient care services. Their team of professionals work with patients to manage their healthcare after initial treatment by providing a coordinated continuum of care.

It is also essential to take a look at the kind of aftercare services or alumni programs that are being offered by these alcohol rehab centers. Having a strong support system after finishing clinical treatment is crucial for long-term recovery. Meanwhile, Futures Recovery Healthcare provides one of the best alumni programs. The team of professionals at Futures will always keep in touch with patients on a regular basis and continue to do for several months or years afterwards.


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