Futures Recovery Healthcare Describes Alcohol Use Disorder Treatment in New Blog Post

Futures Recovery Healthcare, a company based in Tequesta, FL, has described the nature of alcohol use disorder treatment in a new blog post. The article explains what is alcohol use disorder (AUD), its symptoms, how it affects a person, and the possible treatments for AUD. Such treatments have been observed to be effective in overcoming alcohol dependence although the risk of relapsing remains high for people who are suffering from alcoholism. Nevertheless, a relapse doesn’t mean that a particular person would be unable recover. Additional support and guidance may be simply what is required.

A person develops AUD when he or she practices an unhealthy pattern of drinking alcohol, which is typically called alcohol abuse. This is when a person consumes too much alcohol at a certain occasion. At this point in time, the person is not yet dependent physically on alcohol and can usually survive for a period of time without drinking alcohol. However, there will come a time when the abuse of alcohol becomes AUD. The person will soon find it difficult to go through the day without drinking alcohol. The condition is referred to as a chronic, relapsing brain illness that requires medical intervention for recovery.

AUD has actually become a public health crisis in the United States as alcohol-related deaths reached 88,000 annually, which is almost 10 percent of all deaths in the country. Unfortunately, alcohol addiction has been taken seriously by many people. While most people are aware of the dangers of addictive drugs, people are less wary about drinking alcohol because it has been regarded as socially acceptable. Thus, there are a lot of binge drinking, underage drinking, and heavy drinking that generally lead to AUD. Fortunately, there are many effective treatments that use behavioral therapy and medications. Such treatments are offered by organizations like Futures Recovery Healthcare.

Meanwhile, knowing the symptoms of AUD is vital so that a person or a loved one would be able to make changes before the condition gets worse. The longer the condition persists, the more severe the symptoms get, and the harder it will be to recover. The development of alcohol dependence and tolerance is the first symptom of alcohol addiction. Those who notice that they are experiencing such symptoms are advised to enroll for alcohol addiction treatment, or consult with a health professional for guidance.

A person who suspects that he or she has AUD should consult with a doctor as soon as possible. The physician will diagnose the person’s condition and refer the patient to the appropriate professionals who can help with the recovery process. The patient may be referred to detoxification, psychological counseling or therapies, medications, and continuing support.

Detoxification is the first step towards recovery. It will typically last for two to seven days and its purpose is to remove alcohol from the body. Patients will likely require some medication to prevent the difficult withdrawal symptoms and the cravings for alcohol.

Furthermore, psychological counseling or therapy may also be required to take care of the psychological aspects of the addiction. This may involve individual counseling, group therapy, family therapy, or couples therapy. At this point, the patient is provided with some vital tools to help modify those behaviors that caused the drinking habit, deal with stress, and establish sobriety goals. Some medications may also be used. These will not cure the addiction but they will make drinking alcohol less enjoyable. Some will make the patient feel sick when drinking alcohol while some will prevent the patient from getting that “high” feeling when consuming alcohol.

And finally, a good alcohol addiction treatment program will provide continuing support. Support will be provided even after the treatment period to make sure that the patient remains sober, is able to manage relapses, and cope with the necessary lifestyle changes. This support may involve both physical and psychological care and may be provided via support groups.


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