Futures Recovery Healthcare Brings Community Up To Date On Alcohol Treatment Facilities

Tequesta, FL based Futures Recovery Healthcare would like to reach out to the wider public and share important information about alcohol treatment facilities. The organization encourages their community to reach out today if they have any further inquiries on the subject.

According to the World Health Organization, around 107 million in the world are suffering from alcohol use disorders (AUDs). To make matters worse, many who have AUDs do not ever receive the assistance that they need. They are left with the daily struggles of having alcohol addiction, due in part to roadblocks to asking for help (such as the cost of assistance and the associated stigma). However, there are many alcohol treatment centers that are available to help people who are suffering from alcohol addiction.

With that being said, the organization states that an individual should not visit any alcohol treatment center at random. Alcohol treatment centers may seem the same to many people, but there are actually several differences — both subtle and obvious. Each person has their own unique recovery needs, for instance, and those suffering from AUDs should look for the alcohol rehab program that is best suited to them. There are many factors to consider, including personal preferences, pre-existing medical conditions and the presence of co-occurring mental issues.

Those suffering from severe alcohol addiction, dual diagnosis, other medical conditions or relapses are more suited for inpatient alcohol rehab centers. Inpatient addiction treatment provides patients 24-hour care, medical assistance and support in a stable environment free from triggers and temptations. This kind of environment is very useful for helping people recover from their AUDs and get back to sobriety. Notably, there is a wide variety of providers to choose from even within the subset of inpatient alcohol rehab centers. Some provide simple and basic environments while others are more luxurious. Some centers prioritize privacy while others provide on-site and off-site excursions. Certain inpatient treatments are better at dealing with chronic pain, or eating issues or gambling issues. Every individual should consider their needs and interests so that they can choose the inpatient alcohol rehab center that is best for them.

Alcohol rehab centers have many types of therapy, and the specific types offered may vary from center to center. Most provide individual counseling and group counseling in addition to the evidence based treatments and therapies that they use to help their patients recover. Some of these evidence based treatments and therapies include family therapy, yoga therapy, music therapy and equine therapy. Many rehab centers also have aftercare support and aftercare programs that are useful for helping people retain their sobriety after they have completed their stay. Aftercare programs include access to support groups for people who are recovering from alcohol addiction such as Alcoholics Anonymous and various 12 step programs.

Futures Recovery Healthcare is ready to help people who are suffering from AUDs and alcohol addiction. They provide comprehensive detox programs and residential programs for those struggling with substance abuse and co-occurring conditions. They also have a program designed to address their patients’ primary mental health needs — along with many intensive outpatient and inpatient services. Futures Recovery Healthcare also provides specialized services for helping first responders, veterans, people suffering from chronic pain and trauma victims. They have licensed clinicians who are skilled and experienced in helping individuals and families recover.

Futures Recovery Healthcare recognizes the fact that behavioral healthcare is complicated but they focus on offering certain types of assistance that are shown to work for virtually every patient. This allows them to empower recovery for their patients’ and their families. They seek to create an environment that focuses on their patients and maintains their dignity without sacrificing treatment efficacy.

The organization also aims to stand out in contributing to the treatment field. In pursuit of this, they make use of time-tested and evidence-based therapies together with innovative approaches. For example, they were one of the first treatment centers to integrate physical therapy into their patient care plans. This allowed them to deal with underlying pain and improve their patients’ overall health. They have also developed specialized treatments for various conditions and situations including trauma and chronic pain.


Those looking for an alcohol and substance abuse rehab center may check out Futures Recovery Healthcare’s website for more details. The organization can also be reached through their social media platforms.


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