Furnace Repair Edmonton and Their Partner Are Now Serving the HVAC Needs of Homeowners in the City of St. Albert

Furnace Repair Edmonton has just announced that they are now serving the HVAC needs of those in the City of St. Albert, Alberta. This effort is being undertaken in partnership with Capital Plumbing & Heating. The company says that by combining the two companies’ furnace and HVAC specialties, they can offer customers in St. Albert the most comprehensive heating and cooling services that can be found in that area.

The company CEO, Bob Bies, says, “We have worked hard to establish a reputation as an Edmonton area furnace services provider that does quality work and offers great customer service at the same time. Over time, that reputation has increased the demands for our heating services even in areas that did not fall under our established service territory. This included the St. Albert area which we were receiving quite a few inquiries from as to the availability of our services there. Since it was so close to other areas of Edmonton that our techs were already out doing furnace work in every day, it made things practical and simple as far as absorbing them into our service area. It has turned out to be a move that we are extremely pleased with. Now, along with our partner Capital Plumbing & Heating, we can handle every type of heating and cooling need that those in St. Albert require us to do for them.”

Bies mentioned that for those that are not familiar with the City of St. Albert, it’s a city in Alberta on the Sturgeon River just northwest of the City of Edmonton. It was originally settled as a Métis community and is now the second-largest city in the Edmonton Metropolitan Region. He added that St. Albert first received its town status in 1904 and was subsequently able to be reached by the Canadian Northern Railway shortly afterward in 1906. When it was first established, it was separated from Edmonton by several miles of farmland. That all changed with the 1980s rapid expansion of Edmonton's city limits which then placed St. Albert immediately alongside its larger city neighbor to its southern and eastern sides. The company CEO says that his team very much likes working in this picturesque city and they have found their new customers there to be warm and welcoming.

According to Bies, Furnace Repair Edmonton takes the lead in St. Alberts as far as furnace work is concerned. He added this is because it’s the type of work they have been focused on so long they are extremely good at it. The techs at the company can quickly diagnose and resolve even the toughest furnace problems. According to the company CEO, they are also very good when it comes to designing and installing new and replacement furnaces. They even offer a wide variety of flexible furnace maintenance services that will help keep any St. Albert homeowner's HVAC system working at peak efficiency and help extend that system’s useful life. Bies went on to say that the reason they decided to partner with Capital Plumbing & Heating is that they are not only good at doing heater repair work, but they are also experts in the air conditioning side of HVAC systems. He says the fact that the techs at Capital Plumbing & Heating can troubleshoot and resolve plumbing problems too is a big bonus for their new customers in St. Albert.

Bias also acknowledged that together with Capital Plumbing & Heating, they will be able to quickly respond to any emergency HVAC or plumbing needs that arise for their customers in the St. Albert area. He says that their HVAC and plumbing emergency services will be available 24-hours a day 365 days a year. This even includes handling HVAC and plumbing emergency service calls that come in late at night, on weekends, and major holidays.

The company CEO says that those who are interested in the services that Furnace Repair Edmonton offers in St. Albert can get in touch with them by phone, email, or by filling out the contact form on the company website which can be found on their home page here at http://furnace-repair-edmonton.ca.


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