Funny Birthday Mugs Introduces Its Line of Funny Gift Mugs For 50th Birthday Celebrations

Funny Birthday Mugs, an online store that carries innovative and fun mug designs for those celebrating their own or their loved one’s birthday, is proud to announce a new line of funny 50th birthday gift mug designs for those celebrating their golden jubilee.

In 2020, most events such as birthdays and anniversaries had to be put on the back burner to adhere to strict social distancing norms that were enforced all around the world. With fewer people traveling and even fewer meeting for get-togethers, it is natural that everyone is itching to get back to normalcy. Those who are celebrating their 50th birthday in 2021, probably have a big party planned for their special day.

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Those who are turning 50 are probably reminiscing on the years gone by while their loved ones are busy making preparations for their favorite person’s 50th birthday. Though 1971 might not seem too long ago, a reminder of a few events from that year might change one’s perception of time. In 1971, the Superbowl was just in its 5th Year. Apollo 14 took off and gave the country its third successful lunar landing mission. The “Fight Of The Century” saw undefeated titans Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali duke it out at Madison Square Garden. The first Starbucks opened in Seattle. Walt Disney World opened its doors for the first time in Orlando, Florida. The sands of time may have wiped away the people, places, and things from that time period but the memories are definitely still alive for anyone who remembers going through their teens in the 80s.

Turning the big Five-O can be a major milestone as the person prepares mentally for their golden years. A gift for someone who has seen those many summers and winters pass by must be something that is filled with levity and good humor. With shopping centers and malls still operating at limited capacity due to lockdowns, it can be troublesome to take the time to go and find the perfect present that perfectly encapsulates the appreciation that one feels for that special person. Online shopping is a great option for times like these when everyone is stuck inside. If anyone is looking for a light-hearted, and affordable gift for 50th birthday celebrations, they can find it online at Funny Birthday Mugs.

The store carries multiple designs for those celebrating their 50th birthday. A few select quotations from their range of designs are “Still Young At Heart At 50”, “Turning 50 Is Such A Beautiful Thing”, and “I’m Not 50. I’m 39 With 11 Years Of Experience.” The cups are 11 ounces. The designs are printed on a white ceramic base. They are microwave and dishwasher safe. All the cups are printed and shipped from right here in the United States. All designs used on items were designed by the company, its agents, or the company has the right to use permissions and it firmly believes that it does not violate any trademark or restriction.

Depending on the level of customization in the order, the time it takes to deliver the order will vary. Customers will get their item within 10-15 business days of ordering. Most items however will ship much faster and within 2-3 business days and may arrive within a week depending on the location. There may be a delay in times of high holiday demand or national events such as Covid-19. Funny Birthday Mugs says that its products are produced and shipped from different locations. If the customer orders more than one item from the online store, then most likely the items will arrive in separate packages. They will also sometimes arrive on different days. The delivery time of the product is stated on the sales page and it is normal for the order to arrive in separate packages.

The company says that it hopes that all turning 50 this year will have the chance to have a birthday party, cake and receive presents from family and friends. It hopes that customers choose to commemorate the event with a funny 50th birthday mug that can be a great present for a relative, friend, or co-worker.


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