Full Range Camping Australia Launches Second Generation Ground Dog Pegs

Full Range Camping Australia, a camping & campervan community, based in Australia, has launched its second generation of Ground Dog pegs. According to the website, its Ground Dog pegs are suitable for jobs such as securing the tarp, awning, or anything else. They claim that they cover all types of ground, from soft sand to hard as concrete gravel. The pegs are available as singles, as a 4 pack, or a 10 pack.

The second generation has a few advantages over the first generation. First of all, the length has been increased from 200mm to 250mm. The newer ones have a hook-shaped collar that replaces the wing collar. There is now a 20mm clearance below the head that allows the new hook collar to freely rotate. They also sport a thicker tip with 2 self-drilling notches.

ground dog pegs

Diving deeper into the features offered by the Ground Dog pegs, FRC said that the auger shape and design of the bolts will anchor almost anything anywhere. It has an easy screw-in system that allows for easy insertion and removal of tent pegs. Each Ground Dog peg is 250mm long, which is a step up from the first generation’s length of 200mm, made from high-grade marine stainless steel, and comes with a unique hook collar.

The hook collar is a salient feature of the second generation. It makes it easier to attach their new safety springs. It keeps its ability from Generation 1 where it could be used as a locking nut if the ground is so hard that Ground Dog anchors can’t be driven in all the way. Due to the new hook collar, if it’s binding there is no need to force the Ground Dog in any further. Then one can simply wind the hook collar down to ground level. There is also a built-in 19mm socket for use in an emergency below the Ground Dog’s hook collar.

Another feature that was improved upon was a thicker tip that allows for two self-drilling notches. The thread has been stopped 20mm below the head to allow the new hook collar locking nut to freely rotate making it even easier to attach the safety springs.

The Ground Dog pegs were developed by avid Aussie camper, Paul Pont. While helping a friend take down a caravan annex that had been in place for 3 months, Paul became frustrated by how long it took him to get the old rusted tent pegs out of the ground. It took him so long because they were rusted into the ground and then bent coming out to the point they could not be used again. Thinking there must be a better way, Paul searched for an alternative to hammer in pegs.

Detailing his experience of this search, Paul Pont said, “Having tried a range of other screw-in pegs I realized that none of them were durable enough or suited to a wide enough range of ground types. They would either wear out, strip the thread, snap the heads off, not penetrate the ground, or pulled out too easily. I started playing around with my own designs and realized the only way was to make a quality peg from quality materials.”

These designs and research morphed into the first generation Ground Dog pegs. They were a purpose-built tent peg for all occasions. Paul Pont says that it is a very simple design, and the concept is not new as it is essentially it is a very large stainless steel screw-in bolt that is just the right size, length, and shape that will drill in and out of almost any ground surface.


FRC also sells the Ground Dogs caravan awning anchor kit which contains 6 stainless steel ground dogs pegs, 4 wing collars, 2 x hook collars, 2 hi-viz tie-down cam buckle straps, 2 aluminum anchor plates, 2 safety springs (improved), a 19mm socket with drill adapter, and 4 nylon flexible RV & caravan awning hooks.


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