FTL Stands Ready To Provide Relief As The COVID-19 Virus Impacts Everyone In The US

US based Family Title Loans (FTL) is reaching out to reassure the communities they serve that the financial aid provider will continue to be available in the coming months. The company is keeping a watchful eye on how the virus is hurting local communities, especially those with lower incomes, and they are making it their mission to ensure their services are accessible to all in need.

A representative for FTL states that the virus is impacting people — especially poorer people. While this information would be alarming all by itself, it is accompanied by the fact that many financial specialists expect income inequality to rise over the course of the pandemic. In other words, both individuals and families who are struggling to make ends meet today may find it more difficult in the near future, and others who were previously stable will soon find it just as difficult to survive as well.

According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), this is true for the world’s economy as a whole, not just the US. The world economy is expected to contract by 4.9% this year (2020), and certain nations in both developed and developing worlds may see their gross domestic product fall more than 10%. As with the US, many governments around the world have responded to their plummeting economies by introducing various forms of financial stimulus packages that they hope will ease this disparity and reduce some of the strain felt by their people. However, given the unprecedented nature of this crisis, these relief efforts run the danger of being too broad to effectively support the most vulnerable part of their populations.

Those in the restaurant industry, who are self-employed, who are already highly dependent on government aid programs and so on are only a few examples of the groups that could be affected so harshly. In the US, there have also been reports that the funds provided by stimulus packages were not enough for certain households. This, combined with the debate over the allocation of funds for small businesses and corporations has made the future quite uncertain for families and others who are trying to figure out how they will afford their meals in the near future.

Over the past few months, Family Title Loans has been taking steps to ensure that their services will continue to remain available to the public. The lender understands how vital it is for people to have access to a quick injection of funds in emergency situations, and that is fortunately what their services are designed for. Learn more here: https://familytitleloans.org.

Using their customers’ car titles as collateral, the company offers financial aid that can rise as high as $50,000 (depending on certain factors). Since the most important aspect of this service is the title of the vehicle in question, a customer who approaches FTL can rest assured that they will not be turned away simply because they have a poor credit score. Family Title Loans has certain requirements that applicants need to fulfil before they are eligible for financial aid, but the advantage of working with FTL is that their process is far less complicated than with more conventional institutions (such as banks). Furthermore, their easy 3-step process means that a successful application can lead to a customer receiving the cash they need in only 15 minutes. All they have to do is apply online to see if they qualify, gather the documentation that FTL needs to process the application and then they can collect their funds.

FTL takes pride in the fact that their process is designed to help people without taking advantage of them. There are no hidden or up-front fees, and customers may pay off what they owe earlier than agreed without penalty if they wish. They even allow customers to retain use of their vehicle during this period, which means that families will not lose what is likely to be their most convenient (and safest) means of transport during the pandemic.

More information can be found on the Family Title Loans website, and interested parties are welcome to contact FTL’s customer service team to follow up on any further inquiries. FTL encourages families to reach out today in order to get the funds they need without delay.


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