FTL Expands in Oklahoma as the Current Economic Crises Deepens There

As the current economic crisis continues to put the squeeze on many businesses and individuals in Oklahoma, Family Title Loans (FTL) is expanding the access to their services in the state. This is part of their plan to help many Oklahomans with their need for immediate short-term financial relief. The company is known for its easy to apply for and receive financial assistance solutions and with better access to their services, more Oklahomans will be able to overcome their current income shortfalls. More details on the types of financial help that Family Title Loans provides to those in Oklahoma can be seen here at https://familytitleloans.org/location/auto-title-loans-tulsa-ok-7259/.

According to a company spokesperson, one of the locations in the state that will now have better access to their services is Tulsa. It’s an area that has been hit as hard financially as any city since the current virus crisis started back in March. He says that many businesses there have shuttered their doors either permanently or temporarily and this has left the employees of those businesses unable to pay for such things as their household bills, medical checkups, and other necessities. Those at Family Title Loans in Tulsa are ready to help if this is the case. The company spokesperson says they can help applicants get the financial help that they need simply by presenting their car titles to them and filling out an accompanying application. He says the amount of the financial aid that the company can provide them with depends on how much equity they have in the vehicle that is being used for collateral. The good thing about FTL’s financial assistance services is a person’s credit rating factors very little into the approval decision and it can help people put off trying to get extra money by pawning or selling keepsakes such as cherished jewelry items. According to the company spokesperson, many of those in Tulsa and elsewhere in Oklahoma that seek financial help from them can simply ‘click here’ to apply and many will have an answer that very same day.

Those who have taken advantage of the Financial assistance that Family Title loans is currently offering have nothing but good things to say about FTL’s services. Customer Arin Riley, says, “My friends had told me about Family Title Loans services and when I recently came up short as far as being able to pay my bills, I thought I would give them a chance. I was glad I did as one of their licensed vendors helped me to get the financial assistance I needed that very same day!”

The company spokesperson also pointed out that there are other Oklahoman’s that have helped ease the financial burdens on people in the state during the current economic crisis besides just those employees working for FTL. This includes Economist and Branch Executive Chad Wilkerson of the Oklahoma City Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. He was instrumental in helping companies that have less than 500 employees take advantage of the loans the Federal Government was offering under such programs as their ‘Paycheck Protection Program’. Because of his efforts and others at the Oklahoma City Federal Reserve branch, businesses are securing this newly created financial assistance program in Oklahoma at a rate that is well above the national state average. Wilkerson and his team have been helping Oklahoma businesses get other forms of Federal Government assistance too. This includes reinstating some Federal Reserve programs which were first created during the Great Recession of 2007-2008. Much of these Federal Reserve Funds have been distributed through Oklahoma state and local banks. Wilkerson gave these same local banks high marks for their hard work helping Oklahoma businesses get the financial help they so badly need to whether the current financial storm that the pandemic has created.

More information on applying for the type of financial help that Oklahomans can get from Family Title Loans can be found out by calling them or referring to their informational website.


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