Frux Home And Yard Shows Off Charcuterie Boards In Amazon Videos

Frux Home and Yard, a Las Vegas, Nevada supplier of various items, is excited to share that they will be creating sponsored brand videos as a result of Amazon’s recent policy update. Amazon users will be able to see ads for whatever product they are looking for, which means they will now see ads for Frux’s high quality home and yard items whenever they search for a related item on Amazon. This presents an opportunity for Frux Home and Yard to reach out to customers more effectively.

“We are so excited about Amazon’s new policy regarding sponsored brand videos,” says Frux. “Now we can show you, our valued customers, more of our videos on how to enjoy our cheese boards, knife sets and other quality products. We will keep adding more and more videos over time, so stay tuned.”

Frux Home and Yard’s Charcuterie boards are considered some of the highest quality boards available. The cheese board and knife set has a slide out tray for cutlery which ensures that the set stays together even when not in use. One can make beautiful meat and cheese plates for friends and family or serve other appetizers like sliders, sushi and even desserts. The boards also make a great gift. One can surprise their loved ones with an extra-large, high quality cheese tray and knife set on Christmas, their birthday or on any other occasion imaginable. Frux’s boards are made from eco-friendly, sustainable grown, 100% natural bamboo. A non-porous surface ensures that the boards do not stain or absorb odors.

Frux is well known among their customers for the incredible craftsmanship that goes into each item they produce. Their charcuterie board has been particularly well received among customers, with multiple people going on to recommend the item to their family and friends. On Amazon, one can find dozens of reviews praising Frux and talking about the quality of any of the home and yard décor supplier’s products.

“I had wanted a charcuterie board and knife set for a while but hesitated because I have storage issues in my kitchen,” says a 5-Star Amazon review of the Frux charcuterie board. “When I saw this board, I jumped on the chance to have built in storage and established cracker grooves! At first, I was a little taken aback by the smaller surface area with the grooves built in but they work like a charm to keep the board organized and appetizing. As with any online purchase with moving parts, I was nervous to see how the drawer and carved in storage would function, but the entire piece is very well built. The knives are also great quality. The board is a bit heavy, as is to be expected with a high quality wood piece. Very happy with the purchase, and it would make an excellent gift to any household.”

Another review of Frux’s charcuterie boards says, “I ordered this cheese board and cutlery set for my mom for Christmas. I just received it, and I’m very happy with my purchase. It seems like it is a very high quality product. My mother loves to entertain, and cheese/charcuterie boards are so popular these days. She is very hard to buy for, and I think this unique gift will impress her and last her for years.” This review provides an update as well, stating, “We just visited and an Auntie was admiring the cheeseboard and asked me if I could get her one too. No, I’m not kidding.”

At Frux Home and Yard, customer satisfaction is the number one consideration. By paying attention to customer feedback, the company creates products that meet the needs of their community. The designers at Frux are constantly at work developing new products for homes and yards that satisfy a wide range of décor needs. Frux has proudly been a part of hundreds of special events in hundreds of people’s lives. From weddings to garden parties, Frux has something for every occasion and taste.

For more information on Frux Home and Yard, visit their website. One can also browse their inventory on Amazon or contact Mike MacDonald of Frux Home and Yard to learn more about their products.


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