Frux Home and Yard’s Silicone Oven Mitts: A Hit With Amazon Customers

Las Vegas, NV-based Frux Home and Yard is extremely pleased to share that their Silicone Oven Mitts have accrued over 3,700 positive reviews on Amazon. The product currently boasts an average customer review score of 4.8/5 Stars, with over 85% of reviewers giving it a full 5-Star rating. In particular, Amazon customers praised the Frux Home and Yard oven mitts for their durability, extraordinary heat resistance, ease of use and even how easy they are to clean.

Mike MacDonald of Frux Home and Yard states, “We design all of our products to fulfill very specific roles and to do their jobs well. In this case, our oven mitts are comfortable to use and boast a great deal of heat resistance — up to 500°F or 260°C — but our customers have also discovered that our manufacturing process and goals effectively give them many more benefits than they may have initially expected. It gives us great pleasure to read customer feedback and see how much our design has impacted lives in our community.”

Each mitt features 100% BPA-free waterproof silicone with a soft and comfortable inner liner of 50% cotton and 50% polyester. Since customers get two mitts with each order (a fact that many express delight over), this allows them to either save one mitt for later or use both to handle heavy cookware. To make matters easier, Frux Home and Yard also implemented a lifted pattern in the palm of each mitt that provides a textured, non-slip grip. As they state in their product description, “Our heat resistant oven mitt set maintains a non-skid grip when reaching for heavy roasting pans, baking trays and dutch ovens.”

A relatively brief review from one user who purchased the black 14” variant of the mitts says that they will, “Will never use cloth oven mitts again. Rather than running from the oven carrying hot items; with these silicone mitts, I can hold the hot item while making a phone call or doing my taxes. Seriously, they keep the heat out so no fear about taking the hottest items out of the oven. They are rather large, they are not pretty, but man they work! Highly recommended.”

Customers also appreciate that the mitts are quite easy to clean. As the company knows all too well, cotton oven mitts can be difficult to clean effectively, and this can take the joy out of the act of cooking. Fortunately, Frux Home and Yard’s high temperature silicone oven mitts only require warm water and soap to wash out. The inner quilted liner can also be pulled out to sanitize the mitt’s interior — and customers need not be worried about losing it this way as the liner is carefully sewn on to the rest of the mitt at the seams.

Another, more detailed review from a mother and home cook states, “At last, you get what you pay for. I am in love with these. If they were a car, they would be a Cadillac. If they were a ring, they would be Tiffany. They are easy to slip on and off yet totally secure once on and luxurious inside. I have been able to handle large cast iron pans in and out of high broil with no warmth whatsoever to my hands.” After noting that the mitts are ambidextrous and easy to slip on, the customer remarks that they are of, “Excellent quality, and so very pretty and professional looking. Everyone who comes over wants them.” This customer also bought the 14” variant (in blue). The oven mitts are available in five attractive colours: black, grey, red, blue and charcoal grey.

Last but not least, customers who are not familiar with Frux Home and Yard’s products need not hesitate to make their first purchase. The company is so confident in the quality of their products that they welcome any feedback or requests for assistance from customers who are unhappy with their purchase. They state, “We’re so confident that you will love your pair of professional heat resistant oven gloves that if you are not completely happy please contact us and we’ll make it right! Here at Frux Home and Yard, we stand for quality — and so should you.”

More information regarding the silicone heat resistant oven mitts can be found on the product’s Amazon listing. Inquiries may also be directed to Mike MacDonald of Frux Home and Yard. Learn more here: Oven Mitts Heat Resistant.


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