Frux Home and Yard Recommends Charcuterie Board Set For Kids

Frux Home and Yard, based in Las Vegas, Nevada, is pleased to recommend their Charcuterie Board Set, particularly for use with children. The company believes that this is a great way to encourage children to eat healthy snacks and to also get young ones involved in the kitchen to express their creativity. Learn more here: Charcuterie Boards For Kids!

Charcuterie boards are a great option for serving appetizers that also offer a sensory experience. The variety of colors, textures and fresh items such boards can carry are a crowd pleaser. The creativity that goes into preparing these boards in the last few years have taken them beyond the traditional French roots of cured meats, and there now are endless options. This is also an excellent way to encourage children to eat healthy snacks and to even try new food. There are no rules in assembling a charcuterie board, though there are some helpful guidelines which help assemble a fantastic board.

Presentation matters, particularly when it comes to children. Most parents would agree that the appearance of certain foods makes a huge difference in what children will choose to eat, so this is a factor worth considering when preparing a board. For example, one can choose a pretty platter, cutting board or other tray to use as the base. Following the 80/20 rule is also recommended. In health, this rule means the majority of the diet is the foundation, which allows time for flexibility. When making the board, one can build it with mostly healthy options and include a few treats as well. When assembling, the company recommends that people start with the healthier options to make up the majority on the board. A variety of color and texture not only looks aesthetically pleasing but also means that the children would get the different phytonutrients that the varying colors provide.

Some of the options to include are dips, including varieties the children like (the board can even be used as an opportunity to introduce a new one). One can also include fresh vegetables and fruits for a variety of colors, flavors, textures, and of course, nutrients. Some suggestions are sugar snap peas, carrots, cucumber, berries and also sliced or dried fruit (such as cherries and apricots). Meats and cheeses, which are more traditional for a charcuterie board, are great ideas for added protein and calcium. Salami, turkey, ham, and pepperoni all go well with cheeses, which can be served cubed, as string cheese or sliced. For a bit more variety, nuts and seeds can be added as a source of healthy fats and protein — while also adding a bit of crunch. Options such as protein balls, crackers, melba toast, trail mixes or granola can be added for healthy and delicious sides.

The Frux Home and Yard cheese board and knife set is a great serving platter for a family with children. The All-Natural Bamboo board comes with 4 Stainless Steel Cheese Knives and Server. The set features a hidden slide-out tray for cutlery. The set’s fork, almond, chisel and narrow plane are specially crafted for slicing various cheeses from hard to soft. When using it with children, one can just slide the drawer out and remove the cheese knives altogether if they feel it is unsafe.

The board is an ideal size for both parents and kids. It is not too large, so there will not be a lot of food left over, and it is not too small, so there is plenty of room to serve a variety of foods too. The charcuterie platter is generously sized and has a carved well for crackers, fruits and nuts. They are ideal for use at home, and this cheese board also makes for a wonderful gift for friends and loved ones.

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