Frux Home and Yard Original Cheese Board and Knife Set Back in Stock

Frux Home and Yard, a company based in Las Vegas, NV, is happy to announce that their original cheese board and knife set is finally back in stock and can now be purchased on This cheese board and knife set has a slide out tray for cutlery to ensure that the set will always be kept together when it is not in use and placed in storage. It can be utilized as a meat and cheese plate for the family or it can be employed for serving appetizers, including sliders, mini desserts, and sushi. It may also provided as a gift to a loved one for any occasion, including an engagement, housewarming party, a bridal shower, a retirement party, a wedding reception, an anniversary celebration, a Valentines celebration, a birthday party, or a Christmas party. More about this cheese board and knife set can be gleaned from their page on

The Frux bamboo cheese board is typically used as a charcuterie board for displaying different kinds of food, including cheese, fruits, vegetables, cured meat, jam, dried fruits, nuts, and more. It is very easy to prepare this since these foods don’t need cooking, except for a few kinds of cured meat that will require some heating. The different foods that can be placed on the bamboo board are mostly healthy and people may rediscover various tastes that they can offer and may even encourage them to perform some home cooking.

A charcuterie board is a platter that is loaded with appetizers for a party and it is often used by the host to impress guests. Aside from different kinds of cheese, it can be filled with crackers, different kinds of fruits and vegetables, and various types of meats, which are usually cured meats. Pork is typically used but it may also contain several sweet and savory foods, such as dried fruits, dips, nuts, sauces, crackers, pickled or brined foods, chocolate, and more. Parties and similar gatherings usually serve appetizers while guests are waiting for the main courses. Appetizers are also known as hors-d'œuvre, which are French in origin. Serving appetizers began in the US and England in 1860. They may also be the only food offerings in a cocktail party.

The Frux cheese board and knife set, because it has been constructed from bamboo that was sustainably grown and eco-friendly and totally natural, offers the benefit of being environmentally friendly. It has a non-porous surface, which is essential for cheese lovers because it means that it will not absorb odors nor will it get stained. It also means that it will be easy to clean, thus, it is always ready to be used for those times when a cheese-loving family suddenly wants to enjoy their favorite food.

This is a big cheese board with a width of 13.3 inches, a height of 1.4 inches, and a length of 13.3 inches. It has a carved well around its perimeter, that can be used to hold nuts, fruits, and crackers. Included in the set are four stainless steel cheese knives: the chisel, almond, fork, and narrow plane. These cheese knives can be used for different kinds of cheeses, from hard to soft.

This cheese board and knife set has several advantages, including its: removable slotted drawer; edged rim for presenting crackers and bread; BPA-free bamboo material; its warm bamboo color and elegant grain finish; and the absence of odors, harmful chemicals, or colors.

Founded in 2013, Frux Home and Yard is a family owned and operated company offering high quality home decorative and entertaining products, such as the bamboo cheese board and knife set and silicone pot holder mitts. They are currently developing a new line of products that will satisfy a broad range of home lighting and decorating needs that can be used for various special events, such garden parties, banquets, weddings, and more.

Those who are interested in knowing more about the Frux cheese board and knife set can check out the Frux Home and Yard website or their page, or contact them on the telephone or through email.


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