Frux Home and Yard Is Pleased to Announce Its Oven Mitts Heat Resistant Now Back in Stock

Frux Home and Yard, a popular and well-known Amazon seller, is pleased to announce that its long style silicone oven mitts are now back in stock online and available for purchase. Due to the current pandemic situation within the United States difficulties in restocking were encountered causing delays in the oven mitts being available. These difficulties have now been overcome and the mitts are once again available in the company’s Amazon store since September.

Although Frux and Yard’s standard silicone oven mitts were and still are available the long style proved to be extremely popular with purchasers and the mitts sold out. Ordinarily, this would not have been a problem and the company would simply have provided more inventory to Amazon. Because of the pandemic, Amazon prioritized certain products out of necessity. While Frux Home and Yard understood the need for this shift in priority by Amazon, it did cause problems.

Corinne Manning, a spokesperson for Frux Home and Yard, said, “The long mitts proved to be very popular and when they sold out online, we wanted to restock as we normally would, but we just couldn’t. We had many inquiries about when they would be available again on Amazon and quite honestly, at that time, we just did not know because of the restocking problems caused by the pandemic. Thankfully, we have now managed to get round the that issue, and our long style oven mitts are available to our customers once again.”

Frux Home and Yard's oven mitts which are available in a variety of colors are heat resistant as one would expect, but unlike many of its competitors these mitts are extremely heat resistant and are rated for use up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit or 260 degrees Celsius. This higher heat rating obviously provides a much greater degree of heat protection for users as many recipes call for those sorts of temperatures. Accidents can easily happen in the kitchen if the oven mitts or potholders are not fully up to the task.

The mitts also have a super grip and feature a lifted pattern for a textured and non-slip grip which gives users more confidence when lifting, for example, heavy roasting pans or Dutch ovens. Typical silicone potholders do not give this degree of assurance.

The mitts are designed to be both easy and safe to use. The outer liner is made from 100% BPA free FDA approved waterproof silicone. The inner liner is soft and comfortable and made from a blend of 50% cotton and 50% polyester. The mitts are more comfortable, flexible, and reliable, than many other oven gloves and this too helps give users more confidence when handling hot dishes in the kitchen.

Traditional cotton oven mitts are very difficult to keep clean and trying to clean them effectively is a real hassle. Frux Home and Yard's silicone oven mitts can be cleaned very easily with just soap and warm water. The inner quilted liner which is sewn at the seams can even be pulled out for cleaning if required.

Jane Sully, a recent customer, said, “My mom bought a pair of the long oven mitts on Amazon and raved over them. I had always bought cotton mitts but the ones she had seemed so much better that I decided to get some myself. When I looked online, they were sold out! I am so glad they are now back in stock and I have now ordered a pair of the charcoal grey ones.”

Frux Home and Yard believes that whether someone chooses the standard style of oven mitts or the long style oven mitts buyers will be completely happy with their purchase. The company stands by the quality of its products and if a purchaser is not 100% satisfied then Frux Home and Yard will make it right.

Anyone interested in finding out more or wishing to purchase the company's long style silicone oven mitts can do so by visiting Frux Home and Yard's Amazon store.


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