Frux Home and Yard Espouses The Benefits Of Its Wooden Charcuterie Board With Knife Set

Frux Home and Yard is educating its existing and potential customers about the benefits that its material of choice for making charcuterie cutting boards, wood, has to offer for that particular product category.

The company is pointing readers to a blog post from the popular online publication Kitchen Seer which goes into great detail to answer the question - Does A Wood Cutting Board Hold Bacteria?. The blog post from Kitchen Seer cites a ton of real research studies to make its point and arrive at the conclusion that there is no significant between the number of bacteria that are able to survive on wooden surfaces and its next most commonly used competitor, plastic.

The blog post begins by stating clearly that research has shown many times over that as long as the user follows the proper hygienic procedures such as rubbing with hot soapy water and letting the board dry, wooden boards do not hold any more or any fewer bacteria than plastic boards. The blog post quotes research from UC Davis and Consumer Reports to bolster this claim. It then also quotes a trial conducted by America's Test Kitchen, a cooking show broadcast by PBS where chefs sent recently washed wood, bamboo, plastic, and composite boards to a local lab for screening and found that there was no significant difference in bacterial counts between these materials.

In fact, the blog post from Kitchen Seer then goes on to quote a study from the University of Wisconsin which says that wooden boards may have the slightest edge over plastic. The study tried to examine how easily they could recover bacteria like E. coli, salmonella, and listeria innocua from plastic and wood samples. The study concluded that the recoveries from wooden blocks were generally less than those from plastic blocks.

The blog post then speculates that plastic boards may have suffered in the trials because they are not as durable and sharp knives manage to cut deep into them, leading to nicks and grooves which turn into a haven for bacteria. Different bacteria also have different life cycles and can survive on a cutting board for varying amounts of time. Salmonella can last on dry cutting boards for four hours before it loses its ability to be contagious. E. Coli, on the other hand, can persist for as long as 24 hours.

Some of the tips offered in the blog post for caring for a wooden board include handling them properly to reduce the risk of developing cracks or warping, washing the board immediately after using warm soapy water followed by letting it air dry, and avoiding putting wooden boards in the dishwasher altogether. The blog post also recommends using different boards for chopping up raw meats and everything else to prevent cross-contamination. The best materials for cutting boards, according to Kitchen Seer, include bamboo, maple, and teak since they are not as porous as other kinds of wood.

A spokesperson for Frux Home and Yard, makers of their own popular and highly rated charcuterie cutting board, commented on the findings of the article by saying, “We have always tried to craft products that will show their full potential when put through the wringer in daily use. We chose bamboo as the base material for our high-quality charcuterie boards for this exact reason. The studies cited by the blog post from Kitchen Seer are nothing less than a validation of our own research and analysis. You will find plenty of cheap plastic knock-off charcuterie boards on the market but they don’t look as premium and high-end and we are fairly confident that they will also not last as long. Now that we know for certain that there is no significant difference between the sanitary benefits offered by either of them, there is absolutely no reason anyone should ever buy a plastic charcuterie board again. So if you are considering the best charcuterie board for your money, you cannot go wrong with Frux Home and Yard’s Cheese Board and Knife Set. Head over to Amazon to get yourself one today!”


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