Frux Home And Yard Donates Charcuterie Board Set To Fundraiser

Las Vegas, Nevada based Frux Home and Yard is reaching out to the wider community to raise awareness for the Lakian Strong Benefit being held on the 7th of August, 2021. The benefit is being held to raise funds to help Lakian Lehenbauer, a 24 year old girl from Monroe City who is struggling with brain cancer.

Mike MacDonald, a representative for Frux Home and Yard, says, “When we were contacted on Thursday, June 24th and told about the local fundraiser being held for Lakain to help support her as she undergoes treatment at a facility six hours away from her home, we were incredibly moved by her story and immediately agreed to help out in any way we can. We are truly in awe of this courageous girl’s strength and hope that she can come out the other end safe and healthy.”

Lakian Lehenbauer, daughter of Monroe City residents Curt and Kara Lehenbauer, was diagnosed with a brain tumor on April 5th, 2021. She underwent emergency surgery to remove the tumor after suffering from a sudden cardiac arrest on the 15th of April. She then had a second procedure on April 19th, this time to remove the rest of the tumor. At this point, her tumor was found to be cancerous and she began treatment on May 24th — undergoing radiation therapy for six weeks and chemotherapy for a year. At the moment, she is receiving treatment at the Cancer Center of America in Chicago, Illinois. The benefit is being held to raise funds — all of which will go to Lakian — to support this expensive out-of-town treatment and ensure Lakian has the best odds of recovery.

For their part, Frux Home and Yard is donating two of their most popular charcuterie board sets. The Frux Home and Yard Large Bamboo Charcuterie Board Set is an ideal serving tray for cheese, meat, crackers and wine. The immaculately crafted and generously sized (14.5" L X 13.3" W X 1.4" H) charcuterie board comes with bowls, cutlery and accessories included — with 4 beautiful stainless steel cheese knives, forks and chisels.

In addition to being a beautiful way to serve meat and cheese plates for friends and family, it can also be used for other appetizers like sliders, sushi and even mini desserts. Frux Home and Yard assures that their product is environmentally friendly and features high quality construction. The premium cheese board and cutlery set is made from eco-friendly, sustainably grown, 100% natural Bamboo. The nonporous surface of this natural cheese board makes it a top choice for cheese lovers everywhere as it does not stain or absorb odors, ensuring a clean meat and cheese board every time one has guests over.

According to information provided by Frux Home and Yard, their bamboo charcuterie board will be part of Lakian’s benefit’s raffle/silent auction portion and be given away with some meats, cheeses and wine in a basket. The company urges the community to consider getting involved with the benefit and hopes that the value of the donated items will encourage more to participate.

Lakian’s benefit will be held at Knights of Columbus Hall at 424 S. Locust, Monroe City, Missouri. The event will start at 5 pm with a dinner serving pulled pork, cheesy potatoes, coleslaw and baked beans, during which guests can donate at will. Then the silent auction will be held, which will be followed by the live auction. There will also be raffles sold during the event, giving donors a chance to win items such as a gun, a quilt and more.

MacDonald says, “We are fully behind Lakian as she fights the disease and applaud the community’s dedication to come together and support her in this difficult time. If anyone else can donate or contribute in any way, we highly encourage that you do so.”

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