Frux Home and Yard Announces That Their Popular Silicone Oven Mitts Are Once Again in Stock

Frux Home and Yard has just announced that their popular silicone oven mitts are once again back in stock and available on Amazon. This includes both their highly sought-after blue and red silicone oven mitts which went out of supply during the current virus crisis. The company is one that prides itself on keeping its supply chain moving along smoothly and regrets any inconvenience that this may have caused its customers. These products are now in stock in sufficient quantities that their availability should not be a problem for a long time to come.

Mike MacDonald, a spokesperson for Frux Home and Yard, had this to say on the matter, “Without a doubt, the last few months have been strange and scary times in America. It was also a time when the supply chain on many items we normally have available was interrupted. Such is the case with one of our best-selling items our silicone oven mitts. This is perfectly understandable given the fact that America’s supply chain is placing a big emphasis on getting critical virus-related supplies to where they are needed. We at Frux Home and Yard certainly don’t mind taking a back seat for something this important. It also gives us great pleasure to announce that many of our items are once again back in stock on Amazon as critical supply issues have gotten to the point where other non-essential goods can once again be shipped.”

The company spokesperson went on to add that they have also been proactive when it comes to taking steps to have more of this product produced in the future. This should greatly reduce the likelihood that it will set all out again. MacDonald admits that even though they knew they had made a quality oven mitt product available, those at his company were surprised at how fast this product moved in the Amazon marketplace. They want to assure their customers that this is the type of supply adjustment they are always willing to make with their products so they remain in stock in plentiful numbers.

MacDonald stated that those at the company feel these silicone oven mitts are selling so well because of the reviews that have been left about them on the Amazon website. Here are some examples of those reviews. NH writes, “So far, I really like these! They are longer and sturdier than your average hand mitts. I appreciate that there is a right mitt and a left mitt...not just 2 identical mitts that leave you to just flip one backwards. I used them today to get a hot cast iron skillet that held roasting chicken for 90 minutes. I didn't feel any heat through the mitts! I was a little nervous about trying silicone vs a traditional mitt, but I'm happy that I took a chance. These silicone oven mitts are well made and came well packaged. Just what I was looking for!” Kevski stated in his review, “I know. A bit of a worry getting excited by a pair of oven gloves but these are fantastic. They tick every box! Easy to clean, extra-long so as to prevent any part of arms coming into contact with the oven, plus hands remain cool inside even when removing the very hottest of roasting pans from the oven. I Can't recommend highly enough.” Overall these silicone oven mitts have received an impressive average of 4.7 out of a possible 5-stars after thousands of reviews.

The company spokesperson said that there are several reasons that this product is rated so highly on Amazon. He pointed out that many of the reviews specifically mentioned how these oven mitts were oversized and protect an arm from burns almost up to the elbow. They are also 100% BPA free and protect from heat up to 500°F/260°C. MacDonald also says that they are designed to stay comfortable and flexible for a long time and feature a raised textured pattern that provides a non-slip grip. As was previously mentioned, they come in several different colors. Besides the red and blue oven mitts, they also come in grey, charcoal grey, and black.


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