Frux Cheese Board and Knife Set Gets 5 Star Amazon Review

Frux Home and Yard, a company based in Las Vegas, NV, is proud to announce that their cheese board and knife set has received a 5-star customer review on So far, this particular Frux product has almost 2,000 reviews and has an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. This particular customer had purchased the product to give to his mother as a gift and he was very much impressed with its quality. Those who want to check out the review can read it on

In the said review, David K. gave the Frux product a five-star rating and said, “I ordered this cheese board and cutlery set for my mom for Christmas. I just received it and I’m very happy with my purchase. It seems like it is a very high quality product. My mother loves to entertain and cheese/charcuterie boards are so popular these days. She is very hard to buy for and I think this unique gift will impress her and last her for years. Update. We just visited and an Auntie was admiring the cheeseboard and asked me if I could get her one too. No I’m not kidding.”

This cheese board and knife set has been provided with a slide out tray for cutlery to make sure that the knife set will not get lost while the set is not being used and is kept in storage. The hidden drawer for the knife set allows the cheese board to look neat and attractive. This cheese board can be used as a meat and cheese plate for the whole family or it can be used to serve appetizers, such as mini desserts, sushi, and sliders. It may also be given as a gift to a loved one for any occasion, such as a bridal shower, a retirement party, an engagement, housewarming party, an anniversary celebration, a Valentines celebration, a wedding reception, a Christmas party, or a birthday party.

This is a large cheese board with a height of 1.4 inches, a length of 13.3 inches, and a width of 13.3 inches. It has a carved well around its perimeter, that can contain fruits, crackers, and nuts. The cutlery set is made up of four stainless steel cheese knives: the almond, fork, chisel, and narrow plane. These cheese knives can be used for a wide variety of cheeses, from hard to soft.

This cheese board and knife set has a number of advantages that distinguish it from the products offered by competitors. These include: the removable drawer containing the cutlery set that slides out easily; provision of an edged rim for displaying bread and crackers; use of BPA-free bamboo material; no colors, odors, or chemicals that may spoil cheese; innovative hidden drawer containing different serving, slicing, and spreading tools; warm bamboo color and aesthetic grain finish that will look great in the kitchen; impressive presentation piece for various parties and gatherings; and possible use as a gift for various occasions.

The cutlery set is made up of the chisel knife, cheese fork, narrow plane knife and almond knife. The chisel knife is for firm or crumbly cheeses, such as Emmentaler, Aged Cheddar, Parmesan, Manchego, Gouda, Asiago, and Parmigiano-Reggiano. The cheese fork is for hard and crumbly cheeses. The narrow plane knife is for semi firm and soft cheeses, including Camembert, Mozzarella, Brie, Goat, Blue, Cream Feta, and Ricotta. And the almond knife is for hard or semi-hard cheeses, including Goya, Grana Padano, Cheddar, Pecorino, and Greve.

Frux Home and Yard is a family owned and operated company that was established in 2013 to offer high quality home products, such as the bamboo cheese board and knife set and silicone pot holder mitts. At present, they are in the process of developing a new line of products that will satisfy various kinds of home, lighting and decorating needs that can be useful for different special events, such as banquets, weddings, garden parties, and more.

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