From Homelessness to Hope Recovering Addict Praises Los Angeles Treatment Center for Caring Compassionate Treatment

Los Angeles, CA – A young woman left homelessness and addiction behind when she entered the drug rehab program at Muse Addiction Treatment Center in Los Angeles. She was so moved by the caring, compassionate treatment she and her boyfriend received that she wrote a 5-star review on Google.

“My boyfriend and I are too familiar with death and got to the point where homelessness was comfortable,” wrote Sable. “Knowing we needed to change because we may not survive the next overdose we reached out and got the opportunity to go to Muse detox in California. Muse has staff with that extra bit of special. Somehow they convinced us to stay which led us to wholeheartedly surrender.” Read her whole story by reading the article, at Muse's website.

Muse Treatment Center in Los Angeles CA

Muse Treatment Center provides the full continuum of care for addiction treatment including sober living homes, intensive outpatient services, medical detoxification programs, and inpatient residential care. Sable and her boyfriend received treatment at the Los Angeles detox center and then moved on to a sober living home. The care and compassion Sable wrote about are central to Muse’s mission.

A member of the Muse staff said, “Our goal is to create a community of recovery that is loving, healing, and inspiring so our residents can move forward in their journey to achieve emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical well-being.”

Programs are designed with a three-pronged approach combining therapy, neural recovery, and Twelve-Step programs. This process enables treatment providers to address the underlying causes of addictive and/or compulsive tendencies, giving addicts the best chance of achieving long-term sobriety.

For Sable, Muse was not just a treatment center, it was the closest thing to a family she’d had for quite some time. It was really the staff who made all the difference for her.

Initially, Sable and her boyfriend thought of going to Muse as a temporary stop on their journey. However, once they arrived and found a supportive, community-oriented environment where each individual contributes to the success of the community, they surrendered whole-heartedly to the process of recovery.

“Every day we are grateful we stayed and have the chance to explore Cali sober and move to sober living,” Sable wrote. “Shoutout to the best adventures with Brett and to the most beautiful soul and best house manager, Mary-Anne, we get to wake up thankful to be alive and not dope sick every day. We are finally at home.”

Those who are struggling with substance abuse are urged to reach out for help. The professionals at Muse Addiction Treatment Center are available 24/7 and all calls are confidential. Call 800-426-1818.


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