Frisco Orthodontist Reveals Plans To Adopt Bizarre Mascot

Frisco, TX - mBrace Frisco Orthodontics is one of countless dental places that parents take teens and tweens to get their teeth straightened in North Dallas in the sea of subburbia that is Frisco. But this particular orthodontist practice has a new face that might stick in the mind whether patients want it to or not.

His name is Miles, the frantic looking anti-mascot that is being considered for a marketing campaign bearing the mBrace brand.

A public relations representative for the brand posted a set of photos of the first conept of the off-putting character on one of his personal social media accounts which he asked to be kept confidential. The anti-mascot is a hand-made orange felt stuffed monster-like creature featuring a disconsertingly astonished expression composed of real human teeth and bulging realistic eyes.

mBrace Frisco Orthodontist Mascot Concept

The representative mentioned above said, "Miles steals smiles. He lives off smiles. If he doesn't steal a smile, he'll die in like, 2 or 3 days probably, I'm guessing."

He continued, "I think Miles will work because he isn't a true villian or hero mascot. He appeals to kids and parents because he's so unexpected, and then makes them smile. And then he steals that smile. I am still not certain how he does that yet but so far people love him. I'm really looking forward to seeing what kind of adventures he goes on to get smiles."

mBrace Frisco Orthodontics, owned by Dr. Shireen Irani has built a reputation locally as an extremely upbeat presence in the community. Her website and FaceBook page exibit a youthful and enthusiastic persona as she poses with patients in selfy-like pics. Dr. Shireen also regularly supports local causes for children, parents and teachers.

Dr. Irani is also a prolific Invisalign practitioner, a teeth straightening technology that uses clear aligners as an alternative to traditional braces.


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