Friendly Pest Control North East Notice of Merger

Friendly Pest Control in North East Indianapolis has been providing professional pest control to Marion County. Pest control has been needed more than ever and because of this the company has been trying to grow more and more. They offer a team of professional exterminators that is made of fifteen expert specialists.

The company has helped thousands of families and business owners over the years and due to this has received multiple great reviews. The reviews say their services are fast, reliable, and safe. They offer custom pest services which are specifically built for each species of pest.

roach extermination

These custom treatments are their most popular services and are known to be the most reliable in all of Indianapolis. They offer routine checkups to make sure pests stay off of the target property and emergency services for dangerous situations. These situations might include stumbling upon a wild or distressed animal or a wasp nest.

The company has been looking to grow for many years. They have achieved this feat over the years and are looking for even more growth. The company signed an agreement last week to merge with another smaller company that is deciding to stay anonymous for right now. The merger states that Friendly Pest Control’s North East office will receive barely used pest control equipment, pest control utility vans, and two new employees. This merger will help the company boost growth even further.

The president of Friendly Pest Control recently said, “This merger is going to take the company to the next level. We will be able to help so many more companies and homeowners in the area. The new equipment will help us treat pests in the quickest and most efficient way possible. The new vans will help us get to the infested properties more reliably through any weather conditions. Finally, the new employees are going to be the best addition to the business. We are excited to welcome the new exterminators and I know they are going to take care of homeowners and business owners in the area.”

The company has been helping more people than ever because pest infestations are growing more and more. The main reason for this is because they are growing resilient to everyday treatments like over the counter sprays and traps. Pest infestations spread quickly so if you think you have a pest problem, call a professional today.

Business and home owners can get in touch with Friendly Pest Control in the North East region by phone or on their website - They are open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. from Monday to Saturday. They are closed on Sunday.

An employee of the business recently said, “Pests spread super quick so if you think you have a problem call us today for affordable and professional services.The longer you wait the more money you can expect to spend for the best results.”


For more information about Friendly Pest Control NE, contact the company here:

Friendly Pest Control NE
(317) 662-2178
7739 E 88th St
Indianapolis, IN 46256