Friendly Pest Control Hires New Employee for North Central Office

Friendly Pest Control just announced that they are hiring a new employee for their North Central office. The company has been looking to hire someone for a couple of weeks now and looks to have found the perfect candidate. Beckett Thomas is the company’s newest professional exterminator. Beckett has a ton of experience in pest control because he has been in the industry for over ten years. He knows how to treat any species of pest in Marion County.

The company has been providing professional pest control to Marion County for over ten years. They have grown into one of the most reliable pest control companies in the state and have many great reviews to show for it. Their team of exterminators are all highly trained on pest treatments and know every way of treating the pests in the area. The company offers custom treatments, routine checkups, and emergency services.

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Their custom services are popular because they are specifically designed for each species of pest. This means the company can treat any pest in the most efficient way possible. Their routine checkups are great because they ensure that pests stay out of the target property. Finally, their emergency services are useful for when you are faced with a dangerous situation involving wild or distressed animals (and sometimes bees).

The president of Friendly Pest Control talked about the new employee in a recent interview, “Beckett has a lot of great experience to bring to the table. He has had experience with treating every known species of pest local to Indianapolis plus more. He has a great work ethic and I know he will be a great addition to the company. I can tell he will try his best to help as many families with their pest problems as possible. We make sure to hire the best of the best so that our county is in the best hands possible.

The company has noticed a rise in pest infestations recently. They believe the reason for this is because pests are growing immune to everyday treatments like over the counter products and do it yourself methods. Some of these treatments include pest sprays and pest traps that you can buy at most local retail stores.

A representative of the company went on to say, “Pest infestations are on the rise due to everyday treatments not working as well as they used to. Because of this, professional treatments are now the best solution to any pest problem out there.

The company has great reviews and helps hundreds of families and business owners every month. When property owners suspect a pest problem they can contact the company at or call them. Their hours are 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday and they remain closed on Sundays. An employee of Friendly Pest Control at the North Central office recently said, “Pests spread quickly once they invade a property. If you see a pest, don’t hesitate to call us before it is too late.”


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