Fresh Start Home Sales Lists 4 Reasons For Why Customers Googling "Rent To Own Near Me" Are Better Off Than Those Looking For Houses To Simply Rent

Fresh Start Home Sales, a realtor operating in Georgia, has aggregated 4 reasons why the customers to choose to search for "homes to rent to own near me" are on a better path to find the perfect home compared to the people who are just looking to rent. The company is urging everyone in Georgia wishing to plan on renting a home to consider the 4 points mentioned in this article while making their purchase decision.

Firstly, the company says that it's pretty easy to qualify for a rent to own home. They say that unlike buying a house, a rent to own property starts off as a rental. Thus there is no requirement for a high credit score and down payment. The company claims that due to the economy's downturn since COVID-19 and the gradual erosion of the American dream, it has become progressively hard to afford homes like the previous generations were able to. The company says that there might be other qualifications required, but, in general, it's a much easier way to qualify to buy a house.

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Secondly, The company goes on to say that a rent-to-own agreement doesn't always require perfect credit. However, it does give the potential tenant-buyer a chance to establish themself and fix up their credit so that, by the time they're ready to make the purchase, they might be able to qualify for a mortgage. The company claims that this a boon to everyone who might have been caught up in liabilities such as credit card debt, making it near impossible to find a nice house to buy.

The third point that the company makes is that homeowners can "try out" homeownership before they actually buy. This is great for those moving to a new location in the country and might be unsure of the area of the town or city they have chosen to live in. It takes time to know the pros and cons of the locality where one lives. New homeowners hence get time to explore their new area before making a solid commitment to that home. According to the company's observations, some renters are surprised by the difference between renting and owning. They claim that a rent-to-own agreement gives homeowners the ability to try out home ownership first to understand what it's really all about without having first to get a mortgage.

The final point that the company made is that homeowners finally get an affordable opportunity to lay down roots. According to the feedback they get from their customers, one of the biggest complaints of renters is that they feel like they don't have a permanent place. They're stuck in year-to-year rental agreements and don't feel like they have a permanent home. The company claims that rent to own agreements remedies this, as in houses for rent by owner in Atlanta, the current renter and the owner know that they're in it for the long haul because the renter, who is the future homeowner, plans to buy the house eventually.

Fitz Thompson, a spokesperson for the company, says, "If you're looking for rent to own homes in Georgia, you have come to the right place. We have been doing this for years and have a good idea of all the problems that renters face. We want to fix this pain point by using our simple strategy to help you get into a permanent home sooner. The best part of all this is that you don't need perfect credit or a huge down payment to make it happen. Our strategy was designed just right for the folks who are tired of renting and not feeling like they belong to any of the towns or cities they move to. Give us a call, and we will get you the home of our dreams that you always wanted."

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