Fresh Start Home Sales Gives Good Reasons to Sell a House on a Rent to Own Basis

Snellville, GA-based Fresh Start Home Sales is an advocate when it comes to selling homes on a rent to own basis. That’s why they wanted to point out some of the advantages that rent to own home sales offers to home sellers. This information nicely answers the question why sell house rent to own style. Rent to own home sales are fast becoming a popular choice for both home sellers and buyers alike.

The company representative, Fitz Thompson, says, “Selling a home is not always easy to do in a timely manner these days. This is especially true since the financial problems caused by the ongoing pandemic have flooded the market with homes for sale. For those trying to sell their home now, doing so on a rent to own basis offers an opportunity for them to get a quick cash infusion and make faster progress in their quest to sell their home. We encourage anyone in the Metro Atlanta area that’s having problems selling their home or is looking for more information on all of their different home selling options, to give us a call so we can better inform them about the rent to own home selling process.”

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Thompson says one of the things that he likes best about rent to own home situations is that it greatly expands the pool of available home buyers. This is because many people who cannot qualify for more traditional mortgage-based home sales can easily meet the requirements that it takes to get into a home on a rent to own basis. He added that this expanded pool of home buyers includes many that are very eager for an opportunity to own their own home. This tends to move these types of home sales along very quickly. The company representative went on to say that buyers that are eager to find rent to own homes are also known to buy closer to the asking price and are less demanding when it comes to sale preconditions. He added that the quick cash infusion that comes into play with rent to own home sales is because there is a required down payment (sometimes called an option fee) that the home buyer has to pay to the seller. This fee is usually in the range of 2% to 7% of the agreed-upon selling price.

The company representative also brought up that normally being a landlord is a risky proposition because someone never knows how their tenants are going to take care of a home. There are times where the damage that tenants do during their stay far exceeds any deposit that they have given. He says this thought alone is enough to make any landlord lose sleep at night. This is not the case with a rent to own situation. That’s because the tenants have a vested interest in keeping the house nice as it will be theirs one day. Thompson stated that rent to own situations may be the only time that a landlord ever truly feels comfortable with their tenants. He added that renting a home as a catalyst to its sale can also provide the home seller with a steady and reliable monthly income stream.

Thompson talked about how they are also happy to assist those who are looking for ‘rent to own homes near me’ in the Atlanta area. There is even a section on this company’s website where they give tips on how to sell a home on a rent to own contract. He stated, “Throughout the past 20 years, the rent to own home industry has helped millions of individuals and families get into the home they want without all the hassle.” For those that are looking for more information on selling a home on a rent to own basis or looking to purchase a home that way, they can contact Fresh Start Home Sales by phone or by filling out the form found on the homepage of their website.


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