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Snellville, Georgia real estate investor Fresh Start Home Sales is reaching out to share details people need to know when renting to own a home in Gwinnett County, GA. Fresh Start Home Sales was created to help people Rent To Own Homes in good areas with great schools and amenities.

Fitz Thompson, a representative for Fresh Start Home Sales, says, "People choose to Rent To Own their homes for a number of reasons, whether it's because their credit scores are too low or they've run up too much credit card debt. Whatever the reason, renting to own a home is a great way to begin living in a home today — one that you might eventually make your own. But, before you get involved in any rent to own programs, you need to make sure you are up to speed with certain aspects of the agreement."

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One such aspect is the relation between monthly rent and the final selling price. Due to the nature of a rent to own arrangement, tenant-buyers will often pay the homeowner a slightly increased price, which will go towards reducing the final sale price. However, not all entities that offer rent to own homes work this way. This means it is important to know the exact details of the arrangement and ensure one is satisfied with it before anyone agrees with the proposed contract.

One must also be aware of the timeline. In the contract signed for the rent-to-own arrangement, there will be details regarding the timetable — the length of the period one can rent the property before they have to decide whether they are buying it or not. This document will also contain other details, such as how much rent the tenants will pay each month and how much of that rent will go toward lowering the home's final sales price. Since nobody wants too little of their rental money to go towards reducing the final price, it is vital to know these numbers in detail.

On that note, people also need to be aware that if they do not buy the home after the rent to own period ends, they are more likely than not to lose all of the extra money they would have paid their landlord along with their monthly rent. Landlords often include a clause in their contracts which state that tenants lose any additional rent they pay every month if they decline their option to purchase the home. This means that only those who are quite sure they can go through with the purchase once the rent to own period ends should actually sign on to such a program.

Finally, Fresh Start Home Sales also mentions that it is good to know how strong the local real estate market is. They need to check whether housing prices are rising in value each year, how much the average price of a property in the neighborhood is, and so on. Questions such as this will help people avoid situations where they have no option but to go through with a bad deal. However, entering a negotiation with some knowledge means that one can use that knowledge to ensure they get what they are looking for.

Thompson says, "At Fresh Start Home Sales, we are dedicated to helping people who have damaged or bruised credit — or are self-employed and cannot qualify for a mortgage — to rent to own a beautiful home for up to 1-5 years. This is because, honestly, that is all the time most people need to get their affairs in order and buy the house of their dreams — only, renting to own has the amazing benefit of you not having to do anything else. You're already living in your dream home; you'll just not be paying rent anymore. Whatever reason it is you are opting for a rent to own arrangement, we are sure that we can help you."

Those who want to find lease to own homes or simply learn more about Fresh Start Home Sales and their services are welcome to visit their website to get started. In addition to their website, Fresh Start Home Sales maintains a presence on Facebook, frequently posting updates, sharing media, and communicating with their customers. They encourage interested parties to get in touch with Fitz Thompson directly via email or phone. Alternatively, the company can also be reached through the contact form on their website.


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