Fresh and Natural Thai Kitchen awarded Best Healthy & Tasty Award by Foodies Magazine of New England

Well-known restaurant Fresh & Natural Thai Kitchen of Sedona Arizona was recently written about and featured by Foodie Magazine of New England and were given the title of “Best Healthy and Tasty Thai Award .” Owner and Chef Pearl Pardee said that the whole team was very pleased to be honored in this way.

“No one starts a restaurant so they can be in the media,” Ms. Pardee said. ”But it is gratifying to already be recognized for our efforts to bring excellent, fresh and healthy food to everyone,” she added. The restaurant opened this year and people from all over the world have come enjoy their offerings. Many people have reviewed their experiences at the restaurant online on their website and diners were very positive about the food and their experiences.

Even during the current COVID-19 crisis, Fresh and Natural Thai Kitchen offers its fresh, and mostly organic food when possible for take-out as well as dine-in. Visitors coming into Sedona will even find that this restaurant is very easy to get to as it is right across the street from the Whole Foods Market.

The Fresh & Natural Thai Kitchen Menu includes many different original Thai style dishes created by chef Pearl Pardee, also owner of Thai Spices Natural Restaurant for the last 29 years in Sedona. “Whether it’s our variation on Thai Street Tacos or a variation of the traditional Pad Thai dish – there is something for everyone,” said Chef Pardee.

Kelly Stephens has been going to Chef Pardee’s restaurant for about ten years, she said. “Rest assured that FN Thai Kitchen can offer food at a spice level that is asked for – everything from very, very mild to super-hot. But be aware that ordering ‘very hot,’ means it will be very hot by Thai standards, and it will wake up your palate completely.”

The meat used in their offerings is organic whenver possible and generally grass fed. One of the most popular meals is the Madras Curry made with stir fried vegetables and rice noodles with mixed veggies and curry powder in a garlic sauce. Madras is a favorite southern Thai dish. Another very popular restaurant favorite is the lemongrass garlic chicken, which consists of stir-fried chicken thighs marinated with lemongrass, garlic & Thai herbs. It is served with fresh mixed greens & a side of steamed carrots and broccoli.

Moira Kyan said that she has been a fan of the restaurant since the week it opened. “Thai food is one of the healthiest, most interesting cuisines in the world. Even for those who have never tried it, the ingredients are familiar, for example, there are noodles and vegetables, and there’s no doubt that the food is very good for your health.”

Ms. Kyan also said, “I’m not surprised there was a magazine from elsewhere in the country writing about Fresh and Natural Thai Kitchen. They’re one of Sedona’s best kept secrets.”

Not surprisingly, there are vegan options available. Owner and chef Pearl Pardee makes healthier Thai food than the usual fare, because she makes efforts to merge the principles of macrobiotic cooking with traditional Thai cuisine.

Even with the somewhat truncated menu available due to COVID-19, there is still a variety to choose from and all dishes at the restaurant are less than $15 per entrée, making it a very affordable place to dine. More than 65 diners have reviewed this restaurant on Google and the average rating puts it at 4.4 out of 5 which is something that most restaurants will never reach.

Chef Pardee’s creations at Fresh & Natural Thai Kitchen are balanced and are based on her long admired macrobiotic and organic cooking style over the last 25 years as owner of Thai Spices Natural Restaurant.

To find out more About FN Thai Kitchen, simply read the article in Foodies of New England or see their website at It is possible to order from them online and pick it up. Customers can reach them by phone at (928) 862-4499. The company can also be emailed at


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