French Press Filters Now Available For Coffee Lovers

Newark, NJ-based Compatify is pleased to announce that they are offering french press filters to coffee lovers who want to further enhance their coffee experience.

The french press replacement screens by Compatify are designed to be perfectly compatible with many coffee press brands on the market. The replacement screens have 4 inch filters that can fit a 17 oz, 27 oz or 34 oz french press. This means that the 10.2 cm screens can fit 4, 6 and 8 cup french presses.

french press filters

The Compatify french press filters are manufactured from heavy gauge 18/10 stainless steel. The filter’s fine wire mesh is designed to easily sift out coffee grounds or loose tea and ensures removal of impurities for a perfect cup of coffee or tea. The filters also feature a unique reinforced center ring which helps prevent fraying, making the Compatify filters last much longer than the generic ones. Additionally, Compatify french press filters are designed to be easy to clean. They just have to be rinsed under the tap for a few moments before they are ready to be reused. Regular rinsing is recommended in order to maintain the integrity of the filter.

Compatify also offers reusable steel mesh disks that can be used in AeroPress coffee makers. The size of these steel mesh disks is around 2.5 inches (62 mm), which is the perfect size for AeroPress and AeroPress Go coffee presses. The pro-grade steel mesh disks are superior to paper filters for taste and texture — while having the additional benefit of being reusable. This means that users can brew fuller and richer tasting cups of barista-grade coffee that can be adjusted to their taste (while saving money and being environmentally friendly at the same time). The steel mesh disks that Compatify offers are also easy to clean, requiring only a few seconds under the tap.

Compatify has received great reviews for their products, such as their replacement filters for Bodum. One customer says in their 5-Star Amazon review, “The diameter of the filter is 3 - 7/8 inches (98 mm) The inside diameter of the coffee press is 3 - 3/4 inches (95 mm). If the inside diameter of your coffee press is close to that, this filter will fit. The slightly larger diameter of the filter insures a leak-free fit against the inside of the coffee press. These work perfectly for our Bodum 1 litre coffee presses.”

The review continues, “This is a fairly common size for a coffee press. The cup designation varies with the coffee maker, so we suggest you use fluid ounces or litres to determine your size. For instance my 8 cup (1 litre) (34 oz) Bodum makes about 3 cups of coffee. For some odd reason it is labeled for 8 cups. I guess if you actually use coffee cups that are 34 / 8 = 4.25 ozs in size, you would actually get 8 cups of coffee out of it. We do not know anyone that has coffee cups that are that small. Most of our coffee cups are in the range of 10 or 12 ozs in size, hence my comment that we usually get about 3 cups of coffee out of it.”

Meanwhile, another 5-Star Amazon review says, “From a taste standpoint, I like the French press better than any other coffee prep method, but it takes time to make in the morning, when I don't always have it, and cleanup is more work. This has made the Aeropress the method I use more than all others combined, and the only one I take on the road in my RV. Using these mesh filters makes the Aeropress, which makes good coffee anyway, more like a French press, which I really like. They are also reusable, which saves on paper filters. I recommend using a coarse grind with these, as you would with a French press.”

Coffee lovers looking for replacement filters for AeroPress, Bodum and other top brands may check out Compatify’s products on Amazon. They may also reach out to the company representatives to follow up on any further inquiries.


For more information about Compatify, contact the company here:

380 Jelliff Ave Suite 202 Newark NJ 07108