freeCE Launches 2022 National Pharmacy Week Awareness Campaign

Radnor Township, Pennsylvania -

National Pharmacy Week is about acknowledging and celebrating the crucial impact pharmacy professionals make on their patients. freeCE is taking this week as an opportunity to support pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and nurses by providing practical resources to support them in this critical work.

freeCE has put together a series of six articles that are designed to educate, invigorate, and support healthcare workers during National Pharmacy Week. Several of the blog posts offer advice on how to avoid burnout in the pharmacy, practice self-care, and create a healthy morning routine—all given by and for pharmacy professionals.

freeCE presents national pharmacy week 2022

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, freeCE knows that pharmacy professionals are often dealing with staffing issues as well as more agitated customers. One of the best ways to maintain a positive work environment is to make sure that pharmacy professionals are taking care of themselves first. Flight attendants tell customers to put their own masks on first, before helping others, in the event of an emergency. Similarly, pharmacy professionals must be sure to take care of their mental and physical health if they are to support others.

freeCE interviewed a variety of pharmacy professionals to get their takes on this topic. A few of the consistent themes they found are: meditate and practice mindfulness, exercise, and enjoy nature when one can.

Another theme that is present across this series of mental health articles is practicing gratitude. Coming from a place of gratitude can help set pharmacy professionals up to cope with the potentially stressful and frustrating situations they will face in the pharmacy setting.

freeCE is excited to share this series of articles and the videos they contain. Make sure to share these articles with friends or family members who are in the pharmacy workforce.


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