Free Roof Inspection Offered By Roof Replacement Expert

Bettendorf, Iowa based Quality Control Restoration, LLC is offering their community a free roof inspection. As many homeowners in the area may have become concerned about the state of their roof in recent months, particularly given the weather, the company is hoping that this promotion will encourage more people to get their roofs checked before small issues develop into unavoidable emergencies. Customers are welcome to contact the residential roofing expert today to request their free inspection.

“An inspection is useful for many reasons,” states Quality Control Restoration. “Along with potentially alerting you to any issues your roof may have, you can speak with our team while we’re on the premises and discuss any other concerns you might have. If something is indeed wrong with the roof, you can rely on us to present a timely and affordable solution to put your mind at ease once more. On the other hand, you can ask our team about any upgrades or changes you might have been thinking of but couldn’t find the time to pursue earlier. Whatever the case may be, we’re always happy to help.”

Roof and siding installation and repair

Whether homeowners are looking to check their roof for existing damage or simply make sure it is set for the rest of the winter, Quality Control Restoration assures their community that they will arrive swiftly to carry out their inspection. The company is well aware of how crucial a roof is to a home’s stability and security, and they wish nothing more than to help their customers understand this as well (if they do not already). As a result, homeowners who might not be familiar with their roof and what it needs to stay in good shape are similarly welcome to contact the company for advice and assistance. Learn more here: Roof Repair Quad Cities.

The company’s customer reviews portray this to some extent, attesting to how quickly their team responds to a call for help and how professionally they conduct themselves during every job. Brett H. shares in their 5-Star Google review, “We had a hail storm damage our roof beyond repair, and Dustin came out to explain the process to us. Dustin was easy to work with, and his crew is fast and courteous, and they cleaned up thoroughly. He made the process so easy, we would definitely hire him again!”

Gina K. also says, “So far, they have done everything they had promised. Skilled workers. Competitive rates. Timely. Left no mess behind. Excellent materials used. This was after a hail storm that damaged a lot of property. Highly recommended.” The company adds here that homeowners who have experienced a hailstorm in their area in the past few months should reach out to their team immediately if their roof has not yet been attended to. Given the free inspection on offer, this is an excellent opportunity for them to catch any damage before it gets worse. Quality Control Restoration will be pleased to carry out any maintenance, repairs or even replacements as necessary.

The company is similarly reaching out to local businesses that would like to improve the waterproofing of their roof. As an experienced commercial roofer, Quality Control Restoration has a great deal of experience implementing a waterproof coating while simultaneously minimizing any disruption to the business itself. In fact, the company reassures their community that there will be virtually no disruption during regular business hours.

There are multiple advantages to choosing a roof coating over a full roof tear-off. For one, coatings are much more affordable, and they still offer an effective means of waterproofing a roof in its present condition. Coatings are also easy to apply and reduce both energy costs and waste — while extending the life of the roof. The company points out that the process does not generate much of an odor either, if at all, and it most likely not even be detectable by the building’s inhabitants.

Regardless of the nature of the job at hand, Quality Control Restoration abides by the strictest standards of safety and quality. As such, customers can expect every roofing project to be carried out without a hitch and result in a product that meets or even exceeds their requirements.

Customers may contact Larry Anderson of Quality Control Restoration, LLC to learn more about their free roof inspection and other services. The company also maintains an active social media presence on Facebook, Instagram and so on.


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