Free Roof Inspection Offered By Quad Cities Repair Specialist

Bettendorf, Iowa based Quality Control Restoration, LLC is pleased to announce that their team is offering all local customers a free roof inspection. Many homeowners are aware that keeping a roof in top condition is of paramount importance. As such, the company’s ongoing promotion is intended to encourage their community to take the initiative and ensure their roof is fully functional. Learn more about the company and the various services they offer at the following link:

One of the main reasons behind the timing of this offer is the upcoming autumn and winter seasons, the company explains. The weather can take several turns during this part of the year, placing a great deal of stress on any house’s roof. While roofs are designed to withstand this stress and keep the home’s occupants safe, Quality Control Restoration points out that even the smallest damage inflicted on a roof can come to represent a significant vulnerability if not addressed in a prompt manner.

Quality Control Restoration - Quad Cities Roofing Contrators

A roof can undergo weathering, be struck by debris (such as from falling tree branches) or simply age, and it must be noted that summer weather can have a detrimental impact as well. The company suggests that homeowners who have experienced heavy rainfall on several occasions may want to take advantage of their free inspection, for instance, given that such conditions can lead to a roof suffering smaller types of damage over the course of the season. As the region proceeds into the cooler months, Quality Control Restoration states that this is the perfect time to check a roof and uncover any hidden issues before the colder months of winter make repairs a much more difficult endeavor. Learn more here:

The company adds that certain adverse weather events may even make it harder for their team to respond quickly in the event of an emergency. As such, it is in the homeowner’s best interests to ensure their roof is ready for the coming winter season. Quality Control Restoration also points out that small issues can be rectified at a much lower cost than if the roof were to suffer a significant failure. Combined with the company’s offer of a free inspection, homeowners can give themselves the peace of mind they need that their roofs will remain sturdy for the foreseeable future.

When it comes to minimizing costs, the company also highlights the fact that a fully functional roof plays a crucial role in keeping a house insulated. Many of their customers have already discovered that a well-insulated house can help reduce heating bills over the winter, thereby offsetting the cost of any repairs they may have had done on their roofs. However, it is important to note that roof repairs are best undertaken before temperatures drop too far. At a certain point, the company explains, shingles can become brittle and require much less care to install correctly. Similarly, shingles need to be sealed before the winter to ensure they develop a more airtight and moisture-resistant barrier that can endure the elements as expected.

Quality Control Restoration offers a comprehensive list of roofing and siding repair and installation services, and they are also able to repair storm damaged roofs, hail damage and carry out full roof replacements if necessary. Many customers have already seen the quality of the company’s work firsthand.

Jeff O. says in their top-rated Google review, “Dustin Murphy and the whole Quality Control Restoration group did a fantastic job. Not only did they guide us through the process, they also completed the work in a timely and professional manner. They did a great job installing and cleaning up when they completed the roofing project.”

Brett H. also says, “We had a hail storm damage our roof beyond repair, and Dustin came out to explain the process to us. Dustin was easy to work with, his crew was fast and courteous and they cleaned up thoroughly. He made the process so easy, we would definitely hire him again!”

Quality Control Restoration invites customers to contact Larry Anderson or the other representatives on their team if they wish to discuss any concerns regarding their roofs. Further details can be found on the company’s official website as well. Similarly, customers are welcome to connect with the company via their social media platforms. Find them on Instagram at the following link:


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