Free Download: “Home Service Millionaire”, a Must-Read for Small Businesses

Home service businesses across the United States are almost constantly in need of retooling their practices. Although the need for home services like plumbing, HVAC, among many others will always be there, complacency amid mounting uncertainties in an ever-changing landscape is not an option. Now in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic, small businesses are looking for ways to boost staff morale and maintain client portfolio confidence.

Home service expert Tommy Mello, in his recent publication “Home Service Millionaire”, offers invaluable insight into hiring, training, and building a long-term workforce that will surely uphold business ideals and core values. The comprehensive tips detailed in the book will help business owners reach their goals and position themselves towards success.

The contents and topics discussed in Home Service Millionaire can be a great guide for businesses to come back stronger from the brunt of COVID-19. What is even better is the book transcends many kinds of crises and can be applicable to businesses at any stage of the game.

Many want to make more money but work less. The material covered in this quick, easy read gives a strong point of reference for business owners who want to enjoy the family or personal time while still reaping the fruits of a successful business. Furthermore, the book provides indispensable information for companies looking to boost morale and enact lasting changes within workforces. While most of the expert tips laid out are relevant to the home service industry, these can also be applicable to businesses of all sorts.

The author, Tommy Mello, is a leading expert in the home service industry. He is the founder of $30M home business A1 Garage Doors. He also runs a learning resource website and podcast for entrepreneurship called Home Service Expert.

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