Franklin Tree Service Experts Uses Tree Trimming to Balance the Crown on a Landmark White Oak

Franklin, Tennessee – On Wednesday, Franklin Tree Service Experts spent approximately 3 hours working on the tree crown of a 70-foot white oak. Following a series of unsuccessful tree pruning procedures, the white oak had developed an unbalanced crown. One side of the tree crown was heavier than the other. With the overcrowding on one side trapping wind, the tree featured the risk of breaking in a strong wind storm. Using expert tree trimmers, however, Franklin Tree Service Experts managed to restore balance on the white oak.

“For the last 5 years,” said Henry when explaining why the landmark tree had an unbalanced crown, “cash was quite limited in this home. With limited cash, hiring a professional tree care company seemed impossible. For this reason, the tree suffered under the hands of an inexperienced DIY tree pruning team.”

Franklin Tree Service Experts

The homeowner proceeded to note that not hiring a professional tree trimming team in Franklin was one of the biggest mistakes he made. Henry told reporters that if a strong wind had broken the white oak, the resulting damage would have cost him thousands of dollars.

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“One of the biggest mistakes the family made was assuming that a Franklin tree trimming team would break the bank account,” said Henry. “Franklin Tree Service Experts charged about a third of what everyone had expected the trimming of this tree to cost. It looks like one no longer needs to save for years to be able to prune or trim a tree in Franklin.”

After the comments from Henry, reporters wanted to know whether Franklin Tree Service Experts is the cheapest tree trimming company in the Franklin region. The company made the reporters understand why its team of qualified professionals in Franklin charged cheap prices.

“Franklin Tree Service Experts has not always been the cheapest tree care company,” the company’s CEO told the reporters. “However, it is people like Henry who made the team decide to lower the cost of professional tree services in Franklin.

“When Franklin Tree Service Experts was established more than 25 years ago,” added the CEO, “the goal was to save trees from the premature death often caused by DIY tree care procedures. High prices, however, scared property owners, forcing them to use DIY tree care procedures – much like Henry did. The decision to reduce the price was to welcome all property owners irrespective of their financial situation.”

Franklin Tree Service Experts noted that the white oak on Henry’s landscape had suffered for half a decade – Henry had used the wrong cutting procedures when removing branches during pruning. What’s more, without enough experience, the homeowner had resulted to removing random branches from the tree crown.

“The team did improve the white oak’s health,” said the Franklin Tree Service Experts CEO. “They also fixed the imbalance on the crown and treated all the wounds on the tree trunk. However, after suffering for half a decade, the tree may take a little bit of time to heal. However, in the next 2 to 3 weeks, Henry should start seeing a lot of improvements on his white oak.”

Franklin Tree Service Experts reportedly used advanced tools to make the tree trimming procedure much easier. Featuring a crown with a width of 80 feet, Henry had expected the team to spend at least 8 hours working on the tree. The company, however, managed to cut the estimated time by more than half.

“Instead of climbing up the tree manually,” said Henry, “they used a bucket truck that reached the tree crown in 2 seconds. Instead of manual cutting tools, the company bought power cutting tools. There is a chance that the ability to complete the project quickly was one of the reasons why the tree trimming cost was so affordable.”

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